8 Christmas Décor Must-Haves For A Festive Home


Be it your first time decorating for Christmas or you’re looking to spice up your usual decorating style, you’ll need proper planning. Christmas is a big occasion to most people, and having the best decorations in their home is an achievement. People love celebrating Christmas by ensuring their houses are filled with festive decorations.

Below is a massive must-have checklist of things to have around your home during the festive season. This article will help you not to forget certain items during last-minute preparations.

1.Christmas Tree

Christmas won’t feel like Christmas without a tree. You can’t celebrate the occasion without one, even if it’s a small one. Install an evergreen tree in your living room, have family members help you decorate it, and put presents underneath it. If you find it difficult to purchase or you might be looking for a Christmas tree online, you can find some with the best reviews that fit your preferences.

If the Christmas trees are too expensive, you can cut off a solid tree from your garden or the forest and sprinkle it with water to keep it hydrated. Remember, various trees can fit your lifestyle and budget, be it short, tall, wide, etc.

2.Tree Skirt

After buying your Christmas tree, you’ll need a tree skirt to wrap around the base. A tree skirt can also hold your presents. Another advantage of having a tree skirt around your tree is that it will catch some of the pine needles that might fall from your Christmas tree over the coming days.

A tree skirt can be a galvanized bucket, basket, bag, or anything that can hold and wrap around the tree. Fortunately, these tree skirts come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, so you can get yours to match the design of your home and paint. 


This is one of the fun parts of decorating your home during the holidays. Ornaments are used to decorate the tree, and if you’re unsure where to start, consult someone who is an expert at decorating to help you out. You can play a festive song and call in your neighbors and friends to help decorate the tree while drinking wine or having snacks.

Decorating the tree is fun, especially if you want to try a new look. You can snag different themes for the Christmas tree and decide to decorate it with metallic or red ornaments or other known colors for Christmas. You can also choose to decorate your tree with a mix of decorations and memorable family photos. 

4.Christmas Wreath

This is an essential part of the decoration during the Christmas season. Wreaths are circular decorations usually used for spicing up the front door during the Christmas holidays. They’re meant to help bring positive vibes to anyone coming to your home and your family.

Besides a wreath, you can use outdoor Christmas decoration ideas to create the perfect ambience. Wreaths can be made of berries, red flowers, evergreens, or any other natural plant. Also, they can be used inside the house, and you can hang one on every bathroom door for visitors to quickly locate the washrooms.


Don’t just go for regular candles; scented candles are a must on your décor list. These make your home smell like Christmas. They help bring the holiday mood and festive vibe to the house. Various kinds of scented candles, like strawberry, honey, and more, can fill the air in your home with the scent of Christmas.


Historically, mistletoe represents romance, vitality, and fertility. Mistletoe is valued because of the belief that it brings good fortune and blessings to couples who kiss underneath it. You can have mistletoe as decoration above the pathways between doors. Christmas romance is always a thing, too, and to have one in the room, a mistletoe shouldn’t be forgotten. 

7.String Lights 

This is one of the must-have décor during the holidays. You can string them along your Christmas tree, the stairs, the mantel, the drive walk, and your garden. This little decoration adds a touch of creativity and a festive ambience to your home. It’s great to have this type of décor because it’s a fun way to spruce up your home with lights.

Additionally, string lights can be used year-round. After you’re done with the festivities, you can store these lights and use them during the next holidays.

8.Fake Snow

This applies primarily to people whose homes aren’t on the northern hemisphere. Give your home a wintry feeling with fake snow. You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree, or place it  on the console table. We often associate Christmas with the winter season, and creating a white Christmas in your home even when it’s not winter is a great way to celebrate the occasion.


Now that you’ve read the above must-have Christmas décor for your home, you can begin decorating your interior without forgetting the essential festive pieces. Also, if you want to try a different theme, you can consult an expert to help you style your decorations and house. Christmas is a holiday filled with joy and love. Thus, sprucing up your home with decorations adds more to the festive spirit. 


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