Advantages of having an RV toy hauler


The toy hauler also referred to as a sport utility recreational vehicle, is one of the most well-liked RV travel trailers we sell. These vehicles were designed primarily to transport the toys of their owners, which could include anything from motorcycles to golf carts to snowmobiles to personal watercraft. A toy hauler is also a terrific way to expand your RV’s sleeping space and entertainment options.

These “toy boxes,” typically found at the back of fifth wheels and standard travel Enclosed Trailers with Living Quarters, have built-in cargo doors that can open to create a ramp almost as wide as the trailer. This setup, which is sturdy and simple to move, makes loading and unloading simple. Roll or shuffle your stuff up the ramp, and you’re ready to leave.

Advantages of a Traditional Toy Hauler

People who enjoy travelling in recreational vehicles are typically outdoorsy types who place a premium on convenience and making the most of available space. Toy haulers allow owners to take advantage of many benefits associated with their garages while maintaining their mobility. Take, for example:

  • Your large, heavy toys will easily store, load, and unload thanks to the wide opening and built-in ramp.
  • The enclosed space offers safety and weather protection.
  • There is no need to tow a different trailer because of the integrated cargo area.
  • Typically includes at least one generator and an additional water tank or offers the option to add both.

Many toy haulers even come equipped with an exterior fueling station, allowing you to top off the tanks of your gas-powered toys before you leave your campsite.

Part Mobile Garage – Part Living Area

A lot of people who own recreational vehicles utilise their toy haulers for things than just putting their toys in them. There are a lot of folks who don’t even own toys that buy toy transporters. When they purchase one of these toy haulers, their sole intention is to convert the interior space into supplementary living quarters, offices, or hobby areas.

Toy hauler owners excel at creative methods to maximize their living space, including fold-up sofas and queen beds that elevate to the ceiling when not in use. Some people turn the empty cargo space into a mobile workplace, while others use it exclusively for socializing and dining. Some people only carry standard-sized furniture and a mounted flat-screen television into the space, skipping loading any cargo altogether. Once “detached” from the rest of the RV, this becomes additional living space. Some people even set up the garage door/ramp as a temporary outdoor deck and eating area when the weather is great to increase their options for entertaining.

Cons of toy haulers

Obviously, toy haulers only have a cult following among a select few individuals. You will notice that a portion of the additional square footage you gain for your toy hauler area will result in a slightly smaller living area for RV owners who place a high value on finished space. This is something that you should be aware of.


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