Is it possible in today’s world to live without a mobile phone? Some people might be able to do so, but it would significantly limit their options. As the mobile phone has become an almost integral part of our lives, most people will feel enormous discomfort not having a gadget with them.

Where recently your mobile phone was only used to keep in touch with your family or friends, today your mobile number is the key to your accounts and webpages. Almost no online account can be registered without verification of your phone number. In addition to your online accounts, your phone is used to participate in promotions and surveys, to place orders in online shops and food deliveries, or even just to hail a taxi.

It is no secret that to use most online services, messengers, online boards, online shops requires an obligatory registration with the confirmation of mobile phone number. Everyone perfectly understands that using only your personal number to register more than one account will not work. But a lot of people need to have several or more accounts in one application. This may be related to running a business or at least just to keep their personal life and work chats separate.

This raises the question ‘what to do in such a situation, and how should I go about it? We can recommend that you use SMS verification services and virtual numbers for online registrations. What it is, how to use it and what benefits you can get, we’ll tell you in this article.

What is a virtual number for registrations?

You’ve most likely come across the term “Virtual Telephone Number” but you’ve simply had no desire to find out what it is and how it works. But today it’s time to find out, and I’ll tell you all about virtual numbers and their benefits.

Virtual mobile number – very similar to a standard phone number, it consists of the same set of numbers and country code, but there are some differences. For example, to use this mobile number you don’t need a SIM card or even a smartphone. You can get and use virtual numbers via computer, laptop or tablet – it does not matter, the only requirement for using such online numbers is the availability of internet.

Usually virtual numbers are used for receiving text messages, but there are also kinds of virtual numbers which are designed for making and receiving calls. Once we have learned what a virtual number is, let’s break down what they can be used for.

What do you use your Virtual Phone Number for?

  • To fill out forms. Often leave your main phone number in a form, e.g. for a prize or a bonus card. You start getting spam mail. A simple and great way to avoid this is a virtual phone number.
  • Decided to advertise. You want to list a product, like a car or a condo. Giving your main number in the ad, after you sell your property, you will be bombarded with calls from customers who want to buy your property. And this number immediately after the sale can be simply turned off. And you will not be bothered with constant calls.
  • Dating site. While you are searching for your soul mate, you will not need to give your main phone number to everyone you meet. These days, there’s a great alternative to replace your main phone number with a virtual number.
  • Linking your number to your card and to social media. You can also use it to link your social media account or your bank number, and not use it for anything else – it’ll give you more security in your personal details.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual number?

The advantages of virtual mobile numbers for registration include:

  • This phone number can always be used to separate personal life and business accounts
  • You don’t need to visit a mobile phone shop to get a virtual number. All you need is an Internet connection and an application to use the service.
  • You can have as many numbers as you want, if you want, you can have 10 numbers or even a hundred.
  • The cost of a virtual phone number is much lower than a regular SIM card. This allows you to save your own money.
  • Virtual numbers give you the opportunity to register with any website without having to provide your own personal number. This allows you to remain anonymous and avoid spam.

Where can I get a virtual number to use for registration?

To get a temporary phone number, you can use the services of the SMS-man website. The website allows you to buy a number to receive a single SMS with a confirmation code as well as to rent a number to receive SMS repeatedly. Follow this instruction to get a virtual number:

  1. Go to SMS-man website, register by confirming your e-mail.
  2. Refill your balance by any of the offered methods, and go to buy a number.
  3. On the main page, choose your country, then choose your preferred service. For example, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or any other.
  4. Buy a virtual number by clicking “Buy” and use it for registration on chosen service.
  5. The purchased number will be displayed in your purchase history, and you will also receive an SMS with a confirmation code.


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