Style mistakes that you should not make in your guest look


Do you have a wedding and do not know what to wear? Do not miss the style mistakes you should never make to be the perfect guest, according to experts.

We have already reached the wedding times, and surely you already have one or several weddings on your agenda for the new year and you may even have already started thinking about the look you will wear, especially if they are from a relative or a very close friend.

Regardless of what season the wedding is taking place in, or what style you want to rock, there are a number of style mistakes that you should never, under any circumstances, make when attending a wedding as a guest.

  1. White, reserved for brides:

The jacquard mini dress is one of the highest commandments in the world of bridal guests, although sometimes it continues to be forgotten and there are those who ignore the rule when they go to a wedding. So, we do not recommend you choose that color, you have an infinite number of colors to choose from.

Along the same lines, going in white or wearing a tone that could create the least amount of confusion is inexcusable for wedding guests. However, if you are a fan of white and want to include it in your look, there is a way to wear it without being objectionable.

  1. Bare shoulders if the ceremony is in the church:

Many may think that this rule of style no longer applies, but the truth is that respect for decorum when the ceremony is religious, is still in force in the rules for the guests.

It hurts your eyes to enter the Church and see how some guests wear bare shoulders with strapless dresses or boat necks. In the same way, necklines that are too pronounced are not very advisable for wedding guests. Exaggerated necklines can become vulgar. That is why they are not recommended for wedding guests.

  1. Silicone straps, or exposed underwear, the most unforgivable mistake:

It is true that you want to show off your shoulders, back, or neckline if you are invited to a wedding, but you must wear lingerie that allows you to dazzle, and silicone straps, so fashionable a few years ago in underwear, are not the best option. Silicone straps are one of the worst choices for a wedding guest. There are beautiful dresses, with dazzling necklines and impressive backs, but there are those who insist on destroying them by wearing this type of straps.

In the same way, once you choose your guest’s look, you must take into account that the underwear accompanies you. Be careful with underwear, it is a fairly common and unsightly mistake. We must be careful when choosing the color of underwear that is not transparent through the dress. And, above all, it is not marked, in the hips, butt, back, or chest. It is something that should be avoided and that should be looked at before leaving the house.

  1. Very mini-skirts are not for weddings:

Experts recommend a knitted backless dress that is too short can become vulgar and a wedding is not the most appropriate place to wear it. The ideal would be above the knees, but if you prefer it a little shorter, don’t go too far, since there are other occasions to wear them.

  1. Avoid very tight dresses:

Experts explain it is not that they are prohibited, but they are not highly recommended for occasions in which we usually eat and drink more than necessary. It is not that they are a mistake, but be careful with them, since they usually stick to the body and it is a day in which we eat, and drink and our belly can be marked more, something that we may not like so much. It is better to opt for vaporous dresses or dresses that hide that area.

  1. Do not go overboard with accessories:

On many occasions, and weddings are no exception, less is more when choosing your style: You are not a Christmas tree, so be careful and especially on these occasions. Remember, less is more.

Better opt for simple accessories, especially if you want to wear bracelets, rings, or necklaces. Opt for a good accessory, for example, a necklace, and don’t wear anything else. That way you won’t look too overloaded.

  1. Tan yes, bikini lines no:

In summer, the marks on the swimsuit give us away and it really is inadmissible. If you have marks, choose to make them up because otherwise, the souvenir photos of that day will turn into a somewhat funny nightmare.

  1. Long dresses, only in evening weddings:

Fashion experts also added – If the wedding is in the morning and you want to get your look right, it is better not to opt for a long dress, since the protocol reserves them for afternoon weddings.

  1. Sandals, neither with stockings nor visible with a long dress:

Transparent stockings with sandals are a style mistake for any occasion. So, it is best to choose not to wear stockings if you are going to wear sandals if it is a winter wedding and you want to wear closed shoes instead.

  1. The hats and big headdresses, only during the day:

If the wedding is in the afternoon, leave the headdress at home. Experts also add that as much as it may be tempting, we should not take off our headdresses to eat if the wedding is tomorrow and we have decided to wear them, so be careful with the size!

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