Baby Registry: Is It Considered Rude To Include Expensive Goods?


Exciting times are ahead for expecting parents, extended family, and friends as they prepare for their newborn baby’s arrival. If this is your first baby, you’re probably reading up on how to provide the best possible environment for your new little one to feel secure in your love and protection. You’re in the right place if you’re confused about what to register for or if is it rude to put expensive items on a baby registry.

Nevertheless, you can feel free to include some luxury goods in your registry. You might add items like car seats and cots to a list of necessities. Sharing the cost of a significant gift like a cot or stroller between a group of friends is a common occurrence. Gifts are excellent, but let your loved ones know they aren’t required.

Requesting money for a particular bed may not be the best way to help your loved ones. Perhaps it’s better to go ahead and buy that specific piece of furniture for the nursery if you’re set on having it there.

The following are some common baby registry etiquette mistakes to avoid if you want your experience to go successfully, and some suggestions for essential items.

Mistakes in Baby Registry Etiquette

Below include the most common mistake in the baby registry:

Only Including Pricey Items

It’s a fact that not everyone has the financial means to buy a baby stroller or car seat. If you exclusively register for expensive products, you risk accidentally giving the impression that cheaper gifts are unacceptable, even though this is certainly not the case. In its place, you may provide a comprehensive list of gift suggestions from which your friends can select an item that best suits their tastes and financial means.

Failing To Register

Not wanting to be a bother to their friends, some individuals are hesitant to ask for specific presents. Friends and relatives will appreciate your effort to assist them in registering for baby presents. Like you, they can’t wait to meet your new baby and assist in any way they can. Knowing your needs beforehand helps you save time and money. They will be pleased to give you a present they know you’ll like and put to good use.

Forgetting To Seek Advice From Others

It can be difficult for new parents to predict what their infant will and will not require. They could try to make up for it by asking for stuff they don’t need. A reliable pal who is also a parent might greatly assist in this situation. This means you should have them close by when making your registration selections. They’ll provide space to express yourself while also helping you prioritize.

Doing Too Much

Knowing if you’re selecting too many items will prevent your list from being too overwhelming for your friends. Verifying your final registry before sending it out is a must. Sometimes many products are pretty similar to one another. An example is twenty unique baby blankets and just as many diaper bags. It is helpful to pare things down so that no more than five or six varieties of items fall under a single category. Your loved ones, such as your friends and family, will have an easier time making their decisions. The one exception to this rule is selecting clothing for infants when there is a lot of freedom for individual choice.

Late Registration

There are two good reasons to create your baby shower registry before sending out invites. 

First, people value the opportunity to shop at their own pace and select a gift they’re glad to give the infant.

Second, if you don’t set up a registry in advance, guests may begin choosing their gifts, which can create awkwardness if they decide they have to return something they’ve already bought.

Feel Uncomfortable Adding Big-Timer Items? Have Two Registries!

Did you know that nearly 60% of mothers-to-be have more than one registry? Well, now you do!! So, if you don’t want to put expensive items on a baby registry that everyone can see, you can start a second registry.

Create a separate register for those closest to you who you know will want to purchase your expensive products or who you feel comfortable sharing a registry with so that they may pool their resources to buy you costly items.

Then pass the second round to everyone. Doing so will give you the most excellent possible opportunity to buy all the big-ticket products and still take advantage of the completion discount.

Essential Items For A Baby Registry

The task of creating a baby registry might be overwhelming. As you can see, the things you need to care for a newborn quickly add up to a lengthy list.

The following baby registry checklist selects just the highest-quality basics:

  • baby monitor
  • bottles, nipples, and pacifiers
  • Towels and bibs
  • Conveniently wipeable changing mat
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Carpeted play mat
  • Hands-free infant carrier
  • The diaper pail that is odor-proof
  • Practical diaper bag
  • Soft bath towels
  • Sleeping sack or blanket

What To Avoid Registering

There are many essential goods that you should include on the checklist for your baby registry, but what are some of the baby products that you can skip? Here are a few goods that you may comfortably avoid:

Bumpers for cribs. Some argue that the bumpers are dangerous because children’s heads can become trapped between them and the bars. The AAP warns that bumpers provide a risk of asphyxia, strangling, and entrapment; hence their usage is not recommended.

Wipe warmers. The wipe will clean the baby’s bottom no matter how hot or cold the wipe is. In most cases, wipe warmers cause the wipes to dry up, which results in you having to throw them away. Even worse, they can become a breeding ground for mildew and germs.

Infant footwear. Baby footwear is the cutest footwear ever. However, babies don’t need shoes; they won’t be walking anytime soon, and your kid is probably simply going to kick them off. For now, it’s best to make do with cheap socks or booties.

Toys. There aren’t many infant toys on the market right now. Toys are a common addition to the wishing well at a baby shower. If there isn’t a rare one you desire, there’s no reason to add them.


Make the first few months of your baby’s life extra memorable by letting friends and family know what you want and need through a gift registry. Make sure you prioritize the items you will use in your baby registry.


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