Crypto Wallet Review – A Professional Trading Platform


Crypto Wallet Overview 

Crypto Wallet is a well-established brokerage mainly targets professional retail traders and advanced institutional investors. It offers superior desktop and web-based trading platforms, with sophisticated tools for active traders and investors. However, Crypto Wallet has also increasingly innovated its trading policies and practices to appeal to beginners and casual investors. 

While Crypto Wallet’s professional-level trading platforms give it a unique edge in the industry, it also contributes to a potential constraint. For instance, some less-experienced traders can find the venues a bit overwhelming. The following is a quick overview of Crypto Wallet’s vital pros and cons. 


  • Superior trading platforms 
  • A more comprehensive selection of asset classes 
  • Excellent trade execution
  • Cutting-edge industry resources and investor education 
  • Exceptional customer service  


  • No mobile app 
  • Crypto Wallet’s platforms can easily overwhelm beginners 

 Top Benefits 

Like other brokers, Crypto Wallet also offers several unique perks to attract and retain clients. The following are the perks that make Crypto Wallet an incredible brokerage worth considering. 

 Superior trading platforms 

Crypto Wallet is a professional-level investment platform mainly focusing on active retail traders and institutional investors. Its desktop and web-based platforms integrate several customizable tools and resources that enable you to place orders, monitor trades, analyze your portfolio and perform other unique trading functions from a single account. 

A more comprehensive selection of asset classes 

Unlike Crypto Wallet’s trading platforms, that mainly target professional traders, its portfolio is robust enough to meet the needs of all types of traders and investors. The broker provides an incredible mix of conventional assets, new asset classes, and various fixed-income products. 

 Cutting-edge educational resources 

Many traders and investors will find Crypto Wallet much more straightforward to love because of its extensive and client-focused educational programming. It offers in-depth industry insights and customized investor education materials for beginners, casual investors, and experienced traders. 

 Are There Trading Risks with Crypto Wallet?

While Crypto Wallet offers numerous benefits, it is not without potential risks. The main trading risks on Crypto Wallet include the lack of a mobile app and sophisticated tools that can easily overwhelm beginners. The mobile app is in its developmental stages, and we expect its unveiling will significantly simplify the trading experience for beginners and passive investors. 

 Who is Crypto Wallet Best For?

Crypto Wallet is primarily a professional-level brokerage best suited to active traders and experienced investors. However, novices can also take advantage of its broader product offerings and rich educational resources to scale the ladder of online investing. 

 Trading Platforms 

Crypto Wallet currently provides two trading platforms that you can use to sign up and invest with them. Both platforms integrate similar tools and functionality that streamline the overall trading experience for users. The trading programs are suitable for professional online trading, with robust, customizable tools that you can easily personalize to your preferences. 

Crypto Wallet’s desktop and web-based versions support all the standard trading functions but offer some extras for advanced traders. Users can access charts, drawing tools, custom watchlists, technical analysis and evaluators, research, real-time data streaming, screeners, news, price alerts, and trading idea generators. 

Apart from the standard order types, Crypto Wallet also supports several other advanced types of orders. You can stage orders for later execution one by one or in batches. Besides, the platform also supports the automation of trades. Crypto Wallet’s desktop version is a robust platform that enables you to do much more from just one integrated trading account.

 Product Offerings  

Crypto Wallet has an extensive selection of asset classes and other unique products for different types of investors. It provides a wide range of domestic and foreign investment products with high-growth potential. The tradeable asset classes and products on Crypto Wallet include the following. 


Stocks  Cryptocurrencies  Forex 
Mutual Funds  Bonds  Options 


H2: Trading Costs 

This broker’s clients are not subject to account minimums, transfers, or inactivity fees. The broker also allows no commissions for stock trading. The costs for options trades on Crypto Wallet are on a per-contract basis. The spreads and commissions for other transactions vary but are well within the industry average. Check their website for a comprehensive fee schedule. 

H2: Education 

Crypto Wallet also emphasizes cutting-edge industry information and investor education. The broker offers an extensive library of client-focused videos, articles, infographics, and webinars. Besides, its trading platforms also provide various analytical tools, trading idea generators, and research materials to boost investor education. 


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