How To Become An Appliance Repair Technician?


Being tech-oriented may seem like a nerdy habit, but technicians have one of the busiest jobs. They’re responsible for all the new appliances that get into households and need fine-tuning.

Most homeowners keep a trusted technician in their contact list. And if you wish to be that individual everybody is confident in, you need some exceptional qualities. So, scroll on to learn and become the professional you aspire to be. 

What Does An Appliance Repair Technician Do?

As its name suggests, an appliance repair technician is a professional who repairs appliances. But repairing isn’t all that they’re limited to. They play a part in installing, troubleshooting, and customizing appliances.

The job may sometimes require technicians to be on the move, being available wherever the clients demand. As such, driving skills are a necessity.

An appliance repair technician also needs to be skilled at managing time. So, quickly choosing the most efficient troubleshooting methods is another handy skill.

Requirements Of An Appliance Repair Technician

The sheer love of the profession won’t grant you a position at your desired business firm. And you need to meet a few requirements to get a chance at becoming an appliance repair technician in San Jose or San Francisco, so let’s look at each. 

Educational Qualification

Regardless of whatever job you apply for, proper educational qualifications will put you in a better position to start your career. 

While a repair business may not ask for excellent academic performance, having basic educational qualifications are a given. It will get you more clients and give you an authoritative status in the industry.

But the best that such a qualification does is that it instantly grants you more credibility than a person without one. 

If offline courses are unavailable, you can get the required certifications by enrolling in an online technician course.


Backing your education, you need to have a good set of skills that match your profession.

An appliance repair business will hire you depending on how your skills align with their services. Or, if you’re starting your own business, you need to have the skills that parallel your service portfolio.

You also need basic computer skills like researching the latest technologies and the most in-demand appliances customers love. 

Other Requirements

Not all home appliances are easy to transport, so technicians often travel to places to fix appliances. So, a driver’s license with a clean driving record becomes crucial to the job’s success.

Besides technical skills, you also need to be adept at problem-solving and have some knowledge about electricity, plumbing, tool maintenance, and reading blueprints.

Customer service is another element that will determine the success of your career. If your clients are impressed by your demeanor, you’re bound to become a recommended technician. 

The 7 Steps To Becoming An Appliance Repair Technician

Now that you know the requirements, all that’s left is to do the actual work. Lucky for you, we’ve sorted them all out, so you know which steps to take first.

1.Plan Your Objectives 

Not all appliance repair businesses are uniform. You might have a specific appliance you want to master repairing or desire a position at a specific firm.

Make a note of your goal’s requirements by doing thorough research on the course you wish to take and the certifications you wish to attain. 

2.Take A Vocational Course

Being skill-oriented is one of the main benefits that vocational courses offer. You will get to learn more about every component of hardware and get first-hand training from skilled educators. 

Such courses also educate you on subjects related to your main objective. So you will most likely learn how to work with electricity and read appliance blueprints.

Also, technical institutes sometimes help with job placements, so you will make the most of your money by enrolling in one. 

3.Get A Specialized License/Certification

If you’re aiming to expand your career prospects, try taking a certificate course for specific appliances that are popular on the market.

Refrigerators, dryers, and ovens are some appliances that most homeowners have, so you’ll benefit much by taking a course for one. 

Such certification will get you more clients and increase your credibility. That way, you can learn more about the environmental impacts of the appliances and instruct your clients on how to use them safely. 

4.Get Enough Experience

Experience helps validate your skills. Mastering professions that involve consumer hardware means putting yourself through constant skill tests.

You can start by involving in projects, freelance, and volunteer jobs to learn about home appliances and the best ways to repair them. 

Getting your hands on repairing many variants of the same appliance will give you a better glimpse of how differently each one works.

5.Apply For A Job

You can start your career as a technician by applying for on-the-job training or even begin with a position that handles appliance maintenance. Start small and advance to becoming a full-fledged technician.

However, if you’re confident enough with your experience level, you can apply for a decent position at your desired company.

6.Apply For A License 

Depending on federal and state laws, you might have to get an installer’s license or a special certification.

The kind of license you need depends on the appliances you specialize in. For instance, you need to be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to practice as a refrigerator technician.

7.Make Learning A Lifelong Goal

So, you’ve become a technician. What happens next? Can sticking to your acquired knowledge and skills help you keep your job? That sounds doubtful because technicians have no end to how much they can learn.

Technology is constantly evolving, and with every new appliance added to the market, traditional repairing techniques may fail to give positive results.

Your clients will expect you to know how to fix every appliance in their homes, so be ready for them by keeping yourself updated on the latest technologies. 

Summing Up

A successful appliance repair business starts with good technicians. And as with many professions, a good educational background lays the groundwork for your career. 

Your knowledge and skills need frequent brush-ups when you’re involved in a technical profession. So always look for new opportunities to acquire as many skills as possible!


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