Dealing With Energy Guzzlers? 3 Actions That Make a Direct Positive Impact!


People charged with negative energy usually seek to harm others with it, it’s like a viral infection that eats up energy and causes us to get distracted and suddenly drop in energy. Unfortunately, we can meet energy guzzlers every day. Unconsciously, this can cost you a lot of energy. But how do you solve this? In short: how can you better deal with energy guzzlers?

Recognizing Energy Guzzlers

We have all faced this day; You wake up full of energy, listen to your favorite music, enjoy playing real money casino games الكازينو بمال حقيقي on the bus and then meet someone at home, on the road, or at work. Within just a few minutes of this person’s presence, you feel that you are facing their very strong and pervasive negative energy – you can feel a very strong heavy cement layer on you that weighs you down and makes you unable to breathe. Maybe it’s a co-worker who comes to the office with energy from exhaustion, an old friend who calls you after years of disconnection to blame you for a situation that happened five years later, or someone who explodes with anger just because he’s angry with his wife!

The most important step is to recognize and be aware of these energy guzzlers. The best way to do this is to feel your own energy when you are around other people. Do you feel a lot or little energy when you speak to a specific person?

This is an important trigger for your own energy level. Do you get an empty feeling or an engorged feeling? And now let this be hugely important. You want to surround yourself with people who are high energy as much as possible. Below are some examples of how you can recognize energy guzzlers:

  • They talk about themselves all the time and don’t listen to others with sincere attention.
  • They complain a lot.
  • They always find a way to refrain from their responsibilities and attach them to others.
  • Energy guzzlers tend to focus mainly on external events.
  • They like small talk and prefer to talk about superficial topics all day long.
  • They don’t really know what they want.
  • Energy guzzlers create more bad habits for themselves to flee from something smoking, taking drugs, excessive alcohol, scrolling through Instagram .

Do you want to learn how to deal with energy guzzlers better? Here’s the trick: when an energy guzzler comes over and talks to you, just hold your phone and make yourself look like you’re browsing the news or playing games, you can also fake a call or talk to someone else and that person will know implicitly that you don’t want to talk to them.

3 Actions for Better Dealing With Energy Guzzlers

In some cases, it can be difficult to do something about energy guzzlers. Especially when they are close to you. Because yes, a family member or good friend can also develop into an energy guzzler. These actions will immediately help you to provide your social environment with more positive energy:

Action 1: Be Aware of Your Energy

This energy can – as discussed earlier – take place in social environments, but also within yourself. It is therefore very important to know what does and does not give you energy.

For example, certain people get a lot of energy when they have as many people as possible around them and/or can do things in groups (extroverts). Others want to have deeper conversations and prefer to talk to one person at a time (introverts). And of course, a combination is also possible. What would your distribution look like? And is that in line with your personality type?

Action 2: Spend Less Time & Attention With Energy Guzzlers

It may sound logical, but especially if some energy guzzlers are close to you, this can be quite a challenge. This action made a big impact on me. You don’t have to cut all contact, but you could at least reduce it.

Don’t you get energy from birthdays? Then don’t go there anymore or go less often. Are you no longer getting energy from one of your friends? Stop meeting him or reduce contact with that person. Set boundaries. They are needed to guard your energy.

The opposite also works; Do you get a lot of energy from someone? Talk to that person more often. Do you get a lot of energy from a certain birthday? Go there every time.

Action 3: Change Your Environment

What can you do to increase your energy? See how you can get even more energy from your social relationships. Do you already have a lot of energetic people around you? Would you like to meet more of those people? And how could you do that?

Become pickier about who you hang out with and how you spend your time. Go for a different standard if you have collected too many energy guzzlers around you now. List them and ask yourself what you want to see differently and how can you achieve that.

Stay Alert to Energy Guzzlers & Energy Givers

Building, optimizing and maintaining your social circle is not a one-time action. It’s a lifelong process. Plus, people (including yourself) can change over the years. And so are your needs. So always stay alert for energy guzzlers and energy givers.

Dealing with energy guzzlers may seem simple. It also takes a lot of time, patience and discipline to take effective action on this. Remember that the first step to getting rid of negative energy is to recognize that this energy belongs to someone else and not to you in the first place. Too often we fall victim to provocation and absorb the negative energy of someone else’s. Therefore, you must rely strongly on the weapon of ignoring and building barriers. Don’t forget that in this life there are bad people and they will remain so forever.


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