Charleston White

Charleston White

Charleston White is a well-known content developer, media personality, and businessman. He was raised in a large family and was born in the United States in 1970. Despite his notoriety, everyone needs to know Charleston White’s identity. Read the article below to find out who Charleston White is in more detail.

Who Is He?

Charleston White was born in 1970 and was raised in the United States, according to new unzip. Furthermore, he is a well-known motivational speaker, YouTuber, social media influencer, personality, etc. White has many facets to his character and plays many roles in society. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of the HYPE Youth Outreach and received his education at a nearby institution. Still, no information about his family or any other aspects of his private life is known. So, if there is any update, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Charleston White is well-known for sharing details of his criminal past on social media. Web users have reacted differently to White’s online persona. His remarks on George Floyd, the late rapper DMX, and the deaths of Nipsey Hussle and King Von caused some of his biggest problems.

He also gained notoriety for his Instagram rivalry with Soulja Boy, in which the two traded insults.

Charleston has transformed his life despite having a criminal record and serving time in prison by becoming a motivational speaker. He is now “a pillar in his community and active in my church.” He is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), which works to educate teenagers and prevent them from committing crimes.

In Fort Worth, the group has collaborated directly with members of one of the most significant Hispanic gangs in Texas. He stated: “My story gives those who have lost hope. It demonstrates to victims and their families that even the most despicable people can transform their life and influence society.”

The blogger enrolled in Texas Wesleyan University’s Criminal Justice program to earn his bachelor’s degree and expressed gratitude to the “Texas prison system for saving my life.” He has two children now, and he travels the nation “offering his expertise, qualitative experience, and the tale of redemption in hopes of making a positive influence.”

Charleston White went to jail for what reason?

A man who approached White and his three buddies when they were 14 years old about stealing athletic clothing from a Foot Locker store was shot dead in the parking lot. White admitted to The Texas Tribune, “I was, in all actuality, a murderer.” Even though I didn’t fire the shot, I was accountable for the shooting’s death.

Charleston White went to jail for what reason?

As a result of the Texas Determining Sentence law, he was among the first young people in Tarrant county to get a murder sentence. Before turning 18, White was scheduled to be transferred from the Texas Youth Council jail to an adult institution, but “four juvenile correctional guards put their jobs on the line” to argue his case before the judge. Black said: “I’ve often heard proponents and workers in the juvenile justice system say, “If I can just approach one kid, then I’ve completed my part.” That one child was me. Excellent work.”

After completing his seven-year sentence, he was freed in 1998 and “has never been back to prison.”

I didn’t go through the same things a typical 14-year-old does. Since I didn’t complete high school and didn’t graduate, I lacked the experiences necessary to prosper in society.

Charleston Career & Profession

Charleston White is a well-known social media influencer and YouTuber who discusses his career. A considerable following is present on Charleston’s YouTube channel. Over 134K people are current subscribers to his YouTube account (as of August 2022).

YouTube channel for Charleston

He purportedly collaborated with numerous well-known rappers and singers. Charleston reportedly delivers motivating presentations, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He also founded the Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach. He also advertises a lot of items on social media. His primary focus is his internet career.

More about Charleston White

The intricacies of Charleston White’s better half are not public. The lobbyist has a pervasive criminal history. He was apprehended for murder when he was just 14 years old. The young group’s founder was also offered a Texas Juvenile Justice Department job.

But Charleston White’s family profoundly believed in his capacity to change. The truth is that White’s behavior had changed in the eyes of the amendment officials.

More about Charleston White

For the time being, Charleston White’s total assets are not public. The owner of Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach is Charleston. He is also a well-known orator and dissident in his community. White’s YouTube videos are similarly prominent, garnering 44.7k subscribers.

The previous offender enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University in 2012. Additionally, he examined a single man’s Criminal Justice degree. Further, he frequently contributes to Welcome Back Tarrant County and the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. White currently resides in the American city of Fort Worth, Texas. However, Charleston White removed his Instagram account because of comments disparaging his Rapper DMX video.

He is no stranger to controversy. Over the past few years, he has become well-known on YouTube. Charleston is a direct speaker who occasionally annoys folks. As a result, several relationships—including one with Soulja Boy—have proved troublesome.

Charleston White is a very frank speaker. A problematic figure that is also relatively straight is Soulja Boy. Rapper Soulja Boy was an innovator since he was the first to gain notoriety through social media. Although Soulja was initially present as an exception, this is now the norm.

Net Worth

Charleston makes a good livelihood and has a flourishing online career. In addition, he began marketing his brand of clothing. Additionally, he keeps an official website for his apparel store. His net worth is $1.5 million (approx.).

Facts You Should Know

Charleston also goes by the name Baby Blu.

He promotes his goods on social media as well.

White has also appeared on a lot of podcasts.

According to The Sun, he thanks the Texas prison system for sparing his life.

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Additionally, Charleston White volunteers as a chaplain with Welcome Back Tarrant County and the Texas Department of Juvenile Justice.


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