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Everyone is familiar with the advantage of using LinkedIn. This amazing social media platform is filled with incredible features for generating quality leads and helping your business become successful. But most of us are not well aware of how to use this platform in the best way possible.  Like every other social media platform, LinkedIn, too, requires an active presence.  

Practically, it’s not feasible for everyone to be there on this social platform and utilize it fully. Sometimes there is not enough time, and sometimes, it gets a little too exhausting. Dripify an advanced cloud based LinkedIn automation tool designed to help businesses and individuals earn high revenue and make the most out of this platform.

LinkedIn Automation Tool: Dripify 

One of the most innovative tools, Dripify, helps businesses generate quality leads and automate their activities effectively. It is designed to keep in mind the user’s needs and interests. This tool has a clean and user-friendly interface that ensures all the tasks are performed without hindrance.   

Let’s talk about some more of its features in this Dripify Review and see why it is one of the top tools amongst all the others:  

Dripify: Key Features  

Dripify is filled with unique as well as useful features. These features help the business be on top of its lead generation game. With a smart inbox feature, you can stay in touch with your potential clients. Apart from this, there are some more features that Dripify has to offer.  

The major two functions for which Dripify automation is well renowned are:  

  • Marketing Automation:  

It is all about handling all the routine marketing tasks without the need to involve human action. Common marketing tasks that are managed by automation tools are behavioral targeting, lead prioritization, personalized advertising, and email marketing.  

  • Campaign Management:  

Campaign Management deals with executing marketing strategies that give out optimum results. With LinkedIn automation tools, one can ensure to create, track, analyze, and measure the results of the campaign.   

Under these two major features, there are a few more things that make Dripify one of the best tools in the market:  

  • Generation and nurturing of leads:  

With Dripify, it gets quite easy to generate quality leads. However, when it comes to nurturing them, Dripify is filled with plenty of tools.    

  • Analyzing LinkedIn activity:  

Dripify ensures that the user can check out how exactly their content is working. For this, there is a separate section called LinkedIn analytics where one can analyze the growth of their account.   

  • Safety Algorithm:  

The advanced safety algorithm of Dripify is quite strong and ensures that no content or data gets stolen or hacked. 

  • Easy Data Importing and Exporting:  

With Dripify, it gets quite easy to import data from any platform. You can also easily export the data from one channel to the other with just a few clicks.   

  • Messaging Tool:  

The versatile inbox feature of Dripify allows the users to set the auto-reply feature and write personalized messages.   

  • Management of Team: 

Dripify LinkedIn automation allows companies to manage their marketing and sales team smoothly. With this tool, companies can keep track of departmental activities and track their performance too.  

A few more features of Dripify are as follows: 

  • Integrate with 2000+ apps  
  • Automated sales funnel   
  • Lead Capture and Distribution   
  • Well-organized dashboard   
  • Social Media Monitoring  
  • Lead Verification/Validation 

Users sometimes may find Dripify pricing on the expensive side but the incredible features that this tool offers overshadows it. 

Who is Dripify Designed For?  

Dripify is one of the most powerful platforms designed to help businesses generate leads and sell products on autopilot for linkedin. Almost any business and individual can benefit from it. Here is a list of some of the categories that can make use of Dripify the most.   

  • Digital Marketing Agencies  
  • Businesses of all sizes  
  • Professionals who are in search of reliable LinkedIn automated sales funnels  
  • Individuals want to be actively present on LinkedIn  
  • Sellers who are looking for solutions for closing leads faster  
  • Entrepreneurs  

How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign in Dripify  

Drafting a successful LinkedIn lead generation campaign on Dripify is quite simple. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to do it:  

  1. First, create an account on Dripify and log into it. Then press the “New Campaign” button, and you will direct straightaway to the campaign dashboard for creation.   
  1. Then for creating a list of leads, go to “Add leads.” There select how you will be adding leads. There are two options of doing it either by “LinkedIn search” or by “Pasting Profile URLs.” If feasible, you can create a filter according to your needs and save it in the campaign. Select the number of users you prefer adding. Next, push on the “create a list” button and hit on “next.”   
  1. After this, you have to select a sequence from the pre-built templates. If you want to customize it on your own, you can do it. The sequence is as follows:  
  • Generation of lead  
  • Endorsement of Skills  
  • Additional Profile Views  
  • Customized Campaign  

Preview and then click on “Select Template” once you are done.  

  1. Press the “Add Action” button to send an invite request. It’s upto you if you want to send a personalized note or send an invite without sending one. In the end, hit on the “Apply” Button.   
  1. After that, you will see two branches on one side. Will your request be accepted, and on the other, will it still not be accepted? If your request is still not accepted, choose other actions like the post. In case again the option is still not accepted in blinks, choose action like view profile.   
  2. If none of the options work, then click on the “End” button and choose one of the following options:  
  • Wait until the invite gets accepted  
  • Stop processing if the invite is not accepted  
  • Withdraw request if not accepted  

If your request gets accepted, input your LinkedIn message. You can set put an alternative text and then hit the “Apply” button. 

  1. After this, add your first sales message and hit the “message” button. If you wish, you can also divide the automation. After the automation is all set, click on the “end the sequence” button and proceed with the next step.   
  2. You can give your campaign an optional name. If there is any of the option mentioned below, then don’t process:   
  • Same leads were found in other campaigns  
  • No pictures on the profile of the lead  
  • Less than 500 connections  
  • A free LinkedIn account   
  • In the end, hit on the save and launch buttons.   

With this, you can create several drip campaigns on Dripify, depending on how you plan your marketing strategy.   

Why do you need to use Dripify?  

Dripify is one of the greatest tools available in the market. It helps in successfully LinkedIn prospecting and running multiple campaigns at reduced costs.   

Still, if you are thinking about why you use this tool, here are some advantages extracted from Dripify Review that will help you get the answer:  

1. Create Drip Campaigns  

With the help of Dripify, one can automate their sales funnels fully. There are a variety of actions available that help in setting deadlines, driving quality leads, and choosing smart terms. But why is the drip campaign great?  

Drip campaigns help in boosting loyalty and engagement. Due to this, the actions that are triggered with drip campaigns generate a solid response. It also saves marketers time and effort.   

In addition to all this, drip campaigns also improve the quality of conversation and the response rate and help build strong connections. In a nutshell, drip campaigns can easily automate all the above processes.    

2. Advanced Analytics   

Understanding how effectively your campaigns are working and measuring your success is quite important. With the help of Dripifiy’s advanced analytics, users can see all the important metrics and statistics on their dashboards. You can check your content’s performance daily with the help of this tool.    

3. Team Management   

Dripify ensures that the company can manage the entire sales team onboarding process by merely using a few clicks, viewing LinkedIn performance, and assigning roles. All this can be done from the control panel on Dripify.   

4. Personal Inbox   

After launching the Dripify campaign, it is natural to begin conversing with the prospects. That’s why ensuring that the prospects do not get cold messages becomes important. With Dripify, it all gets quite easy and simple. You can sort all your conversations into three categories: Archived, Important and Unread. To check who all are active while you are messaging them, you can check the green active sign that points out that they are available for conversation.   


With this Dripify Review, it is certain that for making a business or campaign successful, it is important to have a LinkedIn tool by one’s side. This tool has immense potential in creating drip campaigns that help in making sure there is a good amount of engagement over the account.   

Its simple and easy interface makes it one of the most in-demand tools. So why hesitate? Start with a free trial over Dripify today. 


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