As the fashion world continues to evolve and birth many innovative ideas, a lot of colorful experiments have been made into becoming trendy hairstyles, and have gained crazy popularity in the beauty industry. 

It is almost impossible to have any discussion about colorful hairstyles that make a woman feel classy and elegant, without the skunk stripe wig or HD lace wig flashing light in the mind. 

What is a skunk stripe hair? 

It is a trendy hair contrast of a darker hue next to a very light color like a skunk. Another name for it is two-tone hair color. But since there’s no right way to wear a trend, you can go wild with more than two colors. 

Why is skunk stripe hair so popular? 

There’s so much glory to behold when you sight the colorful contrast of the hairstyle. This same glory is what many women want for their hairs. Hence, the crazy popularity of skunk stripe hair. It is also versatile in style and can be created in a variety of ways. These features make it classic and very difficult to ignore. 

While we’re still passionate about the beauty of such hairs, let’s take a look at some techniques and color combos of skunk hair wigs that will be ticking a whole lot of boxes in 2023!

  • Burgundy hair with platinum/blonde stripes  – what an amazing color splash! Are you someone with a sophisticated beauty personality? Then this burgundy and blonde skunk stripe wig might just be for you! Burgundy is another name for the wine red color. Whether you’re a lover of short or long-hair wigs, you’ll have the privilege to enjoy the uniqueness of this hairstyle. The color segmentation may require you to have the blonde on the two sections above the eyebrow levels. It’s a way of maintaining highlights on both sides of your face, and you can choose to make a curl out of it as well!
  • Subtle skunk stripe wig This idea presents you with a very mild and modest skunk look. You can color a few strands underneath the whole hair, to achieve an elegant and subtle color blend. The popular color mix with this option is either “black and white” or “brown and blonde”, but you can choose any color combination of your choice. Just have your wig in any pattern, style, and length that suits your mood.
  • Silver, Red, and Blonde skunk stripeAs mentioned earlier, one can choose to have their hair appear in more than two colors, and that includes an HD skunk hair wig! The silver, red and blonde combination will offer very bold and distinctive attention to your overall look. And while some people like to pair the red color with blonde or silver, others prefer to combine all three colors with a twist. In the end, the result you’ll get from this will be something close to a flashy and captivating sunset color! It is also an excellent way to demonstrate love and romance. 
  • Half-black and half-white stripesHere’s a typical illustration of “life is beautiful with a mixture of this, and that”! The beauty of fashion has made us see sense in combining two opposing colors like the half-black and half-white skunk stripes. With this, you’ll have platinum/silver blonde hair, combined with dark hues in different sections. There’s nothing as pleasant as coloring one side of your hd lace wig black, and the other side white.
  • A simple skunk-stripe BobBob is one hairstyle that will usually frame your face in style. And as a recent option for a skunk-stripe hair wig, the best way to rock a simple Bob is to create color contrast between dark hair color and light hair color. Then, making the lighter streaks frame the face, while the darker shade creates a foundation for it. Also, it is best to combine only two colors for this skunk option, as it gives a simple but fascinating overall appearance!
  • Blonde stripes on straight lace wigThis option is close to the simple skunk Bob. But while the former restricts you to a limited pattern and look, a blonde skunk lace wig will offer you the option of switching between various front styles and patterns of your choice. For example, when you opt for a side-parting, the blonde part will automatically settle at a place, and also cut across different areas of the mid and tail sections. You could also choose a high or half-ponytail style – where you will have a definition of the skunk stripes in front, while the tail dangles at the back. There are just too many possibilities that can be put into a skunk lace wig!
  • Green and black curly skunk stripe wigGreen may seem weird to some individuals, but it sure can be stunning, especially when paired with black. The color combination is something enticing with an HD curly lace wig. It gives beautiful and curly stripes that travel down to the root section and also blend with any skin tone. It’s a perfect way of communicating to the world that you’re ready to take risks. You can choose between making the green streaks as long as the whole hair, or simply leaving it halfway. The latter will offer an even tail-end, with a stylish body and hairline. 
  • Pink skunk hairThis is where we take a look at something for our pink lovers out there! You do not need to introduce an entirely different color into this option. All you have to do is simple – dye the major section of your hair pink, then make a lighter shade of it on a few parts. With this, you’ll be strictly maintaining pink hair but with different color variants. If you want, you can also go with the idea of a 3-color variation out of it. How? Just go on and have 3 different shades of pink on your hairline, as it’ll be representing your femininity and playfulness. Go wild with it if you wish; life’s too short to settle on one or two hair colors! 
  • Blue skunk stripe hair wigThis is rather a way of making bold highlights along your hairline. Are you thinking of having your skunk stripe wig in blue color? It will certainly demand unmissable attention to your overall dress. You can either make it a subtle highlight, color the hair tip alone, or simply focus on a chunky skunk stripe along the hairline. Although the color is associated with calmness and solitude but, you’ll get wild attention from having a blue color dye on your hair! You have the option to decide how you want to style it, for an excellent look.
  • Blonde on water-wave curly lace wigIt is often difficult to ignore the sight of a water-wave curly wig that’s been carefully styled. The lace frontal always brings certain magic that makes it easy to embrace. Now imagining a blonde section of such wigs is another thunder to behold! Whether it is short or long hair, as long you have some blonde/platinum color on one side of the curls, it begins to make some elegant waves as the name implies. So, are you a fan of a water-wave curly wig? Here’s one way to make a bold statement in your wig game! You can let it sit in any style of your choice.
  • Body wave Ginger wig with blonde skunk stripesIt appears that various hair tones can be paired with blonde color. The ginger tone is a reddish-brown color. When paired with blonde, it gives an appealing combination that any woman would want for a wig. Most ladies would ordinarily have the blonde at the front section of the hair, while some would prefer theirs at the midsection. With this classy arrangement, and the body wave wig pattern, you are certain to make a huge statement! 
  • Purple skunk stripe wig Purple-colored hair is a unique way of expressing royalty, power, and luxury. Therefore, if you wish to achieve an optimistic trendy look, purple won’t be bad after all. It gives you the option of choosing the exact color shade you want and pairing it with any universal color of your choice – either blonde/white, black, or even both. The beauty will add more bar to your overall confidence boost! 
  • Blonde hair with brown roots  – The idea behind blonde hair with brown roots is proof that fashion gives the required room for creativity. While most people are focused on achieving a skunk wig by limiting the colors on a particular section of the hair, you can exceed these common techniques and dye the entire hairline! With this modern pattern, you’ll be bringing the right amount of uniqueness and class to your fashion game! 
  • Natural skunk stripe hair The color technique of this option is somehow similar to the subtle skunk stripe idea, but here, the colors will be traveling down to the hairline. This incredible manipulation is approached by making the stripes thinner and random across the whole section of the hair. For this option, you should consider a natural color combination like coffee brown, dirty brown, and honey blonde. Your skunk stripe wig will achieve the desired natural look – whether it is short, long, curly, or straight!
  • Pink skunk stripe on an icy blonde wigIcy blonde is quite similar to platinum blonde but very pale in color. It has an undertone of violet and blue for extra shimmer and shine. So, when you combine such a color with pink, it promises to deliver an extraordinary distinct attraction! In case you’re someone who wouldn’t mind the attention, this is the skunk hair wig for you. 
  • Brown hair with orange and black stripesIt is indeed exciting to unravel this new and trendy skunk hairstyle. You can have the brown color as the base, while the other two generate an appealing contrast. With the combination of all three colors, you’ll be representing creativity, warmth, and happiness. 

How to get a skunk stripe hair? 

  •  You can follow the traditional way of applying hair-dye and coloring. 
  • If you aren’t so confident of the techniques involved, you could seek the service of a professional hairstylist. 
  • You also have the option of purchasing a skunk stripe wig, instead of trying out these chemical experiments on your natural hair. By considering a wig brand like Hermosa hair, it saves you the risk of any possible hair damage. 


The beauty space will continue to expand and incorporate many innovative fashion techniques. There’s always a big bunch of stories, waiting to unfold with our hairs. Before now, the idea of a skunk-stripe-wig was never on the agenda for these potentials. But as time goes on, many brilliant innovations have been and will still be wowed out of a mere HD lace wig


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