Casino Tips: Rules for Playing Online 500 Rummy Card Game


The online 500 Rummy, Rummy 500 or 500 Rum in web casino, and occasionally misnamed Gin Rummy, this version of rummy has some expanded rules that allow more flexibility than any online regular rummy games. A series of several hands are played and scored based on the cards that have been played onto the table. When a player’s score reaches 500 the game ends and that player wins. This game has many variations and some players have their own “house rules” of play. It is a very adaptable game and is fun to play no matter how it has been adjusted. Here, in this article titled Casino Tips: Rules for Playing Online 500 Rummy Card Game, we will have a brief look at some of the common rules being played and preferred by online casino players. Here it goes:

The Deal and the Deck

It is played with a 52-card deck as well as two jokers. If more than five people are playing, two decks should be shuffled together. It is possible to play the game with any number of people, but is best between two and eight players. It is perfect to be played with two to eight players obviously.

The dealer is chosen at random and each player is dealt cards, one at a time until each player has seven cards. The remaining cards are put in the middle of the table, face down to become the pick-up pile and the top card of that pile is turned over next to it to start the discard pile. Once a few rounds have been played each player may choose to pick up a card from further down the discard pile, but must take all of the cards that are on top of it also. The bottom card that was picked up must be used in a meld immediately. If the player chooses only the top card, it does not need to be used immediately.

Playing Rummy 500

The player to the left of the dealer starts by either taking one card from the pick-up pile or one from the discard pile. He may then meld any cards that he is ready to by placing them on the table, face up, in front of him. The player discards and the turn moves to the player on his left.

Melding and Playing the Cards

Players may meld the following cards:

Groups: At least three cards of equal numeric value such as three 4s or three Jacks.

Sequence: At least three cards of the same suit that run sequentially such as 3,4, and 5 of spades.

Once a player has melded cards, he is then eligible to use his cards as extensions of other players melded cards. For example: if another player has melded three 7s and the player has a 7, he may put down his 7 as an extension of those sevens.

If his card was playable on more than one player’s melded cards, he must state which one he is playing on. So if his 7 also could have been played on another players sequence he must state which one it is being played on. The 7 that he put down now becomes playable for other players, so if he put it down as an addition to the 7s and another player has a 7, he may play that card in his meld area on his turn and only if he has already laid down his meld.

Using Jokers

Jokers are wild and can be substituted for any card. Once the joker is played other players are free to pick up the joker if they have the card that it was originally intended to be, and substitute the “natural” card for the joker. This makes the joker free to use in that player’s hand.

Calling Rummy

If a player discards a card that could have been used on someone else’s melded cards or that creates a group or sequence with cards in the discard pile, this is a Rummy. Any player besides the player that laid it down may call “Rummy” and take all applicable cards in the discard pile. He must then immediately meld the cards and any others that can be melded.

If the card that was laid down was the last card in a player’s hand, Rummy cannot be called. He must use the card and will not have a discard, he will then float as described below.

Ending the Game

When a player uses all the cards in his hand either by melding or with a discard the play ends. If the player uses all of his cards, but does not have a discard, the player “floats” and play continues around the table until he can produce a discard. This gives the others at the table a last chance to play cards in their hands. On his next turn, he picks up a card from the pile and can then discard it. This seems little confusing but is interesting and simple in fact.

Scoring 500 Rummy

The cards left in each players hand when one player goes out are scored against the player and the ones that are melded count towards the total score. So the player adds up the score of the cards in his hand and subtracts that from the sum of the cards that he has melded.

The cards 2 through 9 are worth five points, 10, J, Q, and K are worth 10, A is worth 15, Jokers are worth 25.


This is the era of online gambling and online casino. Many have stopped visiting the casinos after tons and tons of casinos are being made available on our mobile devices. Playing online casino games is simple and requires installing a related mobile app. However, it is important to read the reviews of the app before installing as all may not be equally good. Some are just scams and one should be careful while choosing.


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