Having a good skincare regime is crucial for taking care of our skin. Though there might be activities that might be present in them, it only works to a certain extent. After that, you need a little extra help to deal with the targeted skin concerns. They are not enough for wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Chemical Peels Toronto has increasingly become a popular choice. It exfoliates the facial skin cells and removes the damaged top layer of this skin, improving the skin texture. As it can help to achieve great results, chemical peels have become an excellent add-on procedure. Though the treatment is a safe option for all skin tones, patients with dark skin tones should be a bit careful. We are here to share a couple of tips that can be helpful.

How does chemical peel impact deeper skin tones?

We have often heard that those with darker skin tones shouldn’t consider chemical peels or laser treatments. It is because people with deeper skin tones have a risk of pigmentation. Even though chemical peels are a safe option, the exfoliation of them mustn’t be too deep. Chemical peels which have a deeper penetration can lead to erythema, redness or even produce heat. When this happens, it could cause an alteration in melanin synthesis, leading to abnormal distribution. Apart from that, when the exfoliation is too deep, it has the potential to damage melanocytes, which could remove the colour from the skin.

Why you should reach out to an experienced professional?

When planning any cosmetic procedure, you must reach out to an experienced and qualified professional. One needs to be more mindful of it when you have a deeper skin tone. Before the treatment, speaking to the esthetician can help them to understand your skin and its requirements. Based on that, they will be able to recommend the pre and post-peel regime. The chemical peel treatment is customized as per the requirements of your skin. Every cosmetic procedure is tailored as per the requirements of the patient. When one has a deeper skin tone, one should be more cautious about this decision. If the esthetician is experienced and knowledgeable, the chances of side-effects of peels are.

Is there any preparation that needs to be done before the chemical peel treatment?

Before the treatment, it is crucial to take time to prepare for it. This helps reduce the chances of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. About 4 to 9 weeks before the peel treatment, it is imperative to follow the skincare regime. This pre-treatment is tailored to repair the acid mantle, which will help you to achieve the best results. Pre-treatment usually includes a full-spectrum sunscreen, skin-lightening agent and glycolic acid products. Using these products before the treatment will help to reduce the post-peel hyperpigmentation and dyschromia which could take place.


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