Gia Olimp

Gia Olimp


It is not the celebrities only that are being wondered about by the public. In fact, the names such as Gia Olimp help us understand that the lives of people around celebrities also have a huge effect. Now, if we look, we will come to know that the famed individual only rises if the people on their side support them. This is why these people have a huge role in bringing success into the life of the famed individuals.

This is why fans worldwide try to make sure that they get all the details regarding their desired stars and the people beside them to leave no stone unturned to understand them better. If you want to learn more about the famous Gia Olimp, this article is the perfect place to start your quest.

Who is Gia Olimp in reality

There are thousands of names that may stand true to your attention, but if we dive into the details, then the name Gia Olimp appears in front of us frequently. According to the records, she is none other than the star wife of the famous Anthony Carrigan, who happens to be one of the phenomenal actors in Hollywood. The character that he played in the film The Toll Street made him famous. Also, he has worked in several other productions too.

The personal details

The incomplete birth details

Just like all famous celebrity spouses, the profile of the famed Gia Olimp is still incomplete, and there are not many details available regarding her that can help us get an idea of her personality. According to the available details, the famed individual currently stands at the mark of 35 years. But the exact date of birth of the stunning star wife is currently absent. This is why it makes it extremely difficult for the researchers to find more details.

Zodiac sign and nationality

If we talk about the zodiac sign, then due to the absence of the exact date of birth, all we can do is rely on the available information that says that her birth sign is Leo. There is also another factor that needs your attention. Thus, if we talk about the famed individual’s nationality, we will know that the stunning star wife is an American national.

Studying her cuts and curves

As we all are well aware of the fact that whenever the personal profile of any individual is being discussed, it is of the utmost importance that we bring the physical details into the light. Similarly, if we talk about Gia Olimp, we will know that she is a young and stunning figure who can mesmerize you with her beauty.

The height and weight

The very first query regarding her physical attributes is about her height. The details help us understand that she is currently 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Also, if we talk about body weight, we will know that the famed star wife weighs almost 60 kg.

Body type, hair, and eyes

Her body can be categorized among the skinny people, and once it is combined with black eyes and black hair, then no one can stop her from conquering the world with her looks. Her lengthy, silky hair will surely make you forget everything.

The past love life

People are always wondering about the past love life of the famed individuals. Although it is an interesting topic, if we dive into the details, we will come to know that currently, all that we have on her love life is that she is married to Anthony Carrigan. Other than that, we do not have any information at all.

The chess player

You might be wondering about the famed star wife’s career profile and the specialties of the stunning Gia Olimp other than being Anthony Carrigan’s wife. Thus, if we dive into the details, we will know that the famed individual is a professional chess player. Also, she is a Serbian personality. If we make some assumptions, we will know that the famed Serbian chess player might have Serbian-America nationality.

The initiation of love in the train

People always wonder about the love life of their famed stars. Thus, if we dive into the details, we will know that the couple came across each other for the first time while traveling on the train. It was Anthony who made the first move, and they had been dating for quite some time.

Dating and marriage

The dating period is not extended to months only. It is extended to a couple of years. It was in 2018 when the couple finally decided to tie the knot together and become life partners for eternity.

The net worth value

Now, if we go through the available information, we will come to know that the queries regarding the financial information of the famed star wife are increasing with every passing day. But if we try to figure out the exact net worth value, then we will be unable to get a figure.

The net worth value

The social media profile 

Also, we recently got our hands on the social media profiles of the famed star wife. The details help us understand that currently, the total organic followers of Gia Olimp are 22000. But we are of hope that these numbers will witness an increase in the near future.

The filmography of Anthony Carrigan

To give you some idea regarding the personality of the famed husband, we have mentioned the name of a few projects by Anthony Carrigan. This will help you in getting a closer look at the famed couple:

  • The Toll Street,
  • The Timeless,
  • Satanic,
  • Invoice & Ted Face the Music,
  • Fatherhood,
  • Hand of God,
  • Over/Underneath,
  • The Flash,
  • Gotham

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Gia Olimp is not just a star wife. She has a career of her own in the field of chess, and she has proven on various stages that she is more than a celebrity spouse. But the curtain of secrecy is not making things easy. We hope that soon we will get more information regarding her personal life.


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