St. Helena Silver coins series


St Helena coins have always had rich enmeshment with history and culture. They produce coins that are both circulating coins and commemorative coins. These include 1947 – the royal visit, visit of Prince Andrew, 25p Wedding, Charles and Diana, 1981 and many more. They have always been attracting attention from coin collectors across the globe

How does a financial investor approach picking the right brand of silver coins to put resources into? With so many silver coin brands accessible and serious estimating on the lookout, it can frequently boil down to the feel of the silver coin. This makes St. Helena Silver Coins worth considering. St. Helena Silver Coins come in numerous assortments. This incorporates standard 1 Ounce silver coins and, more uncommon, 10-ounce and 250-gram silver coin bars.

Here are some of the coins in the series:

2022 St Helena The Queen’s Virtues: Victory 10oz Silver Coin Bar

This is the first rectangular coin that is released in the ‘Queen’s Virtue’ series. It features the virtue of victory. A splendid collaboration between St. Helena and East India Company makes this a highly sought-after, delicately coined product. The inscription on the product states “VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY” in addition to the mark by East India Company. The reverse of the coin depicts the winged victory that Dutch Artist Elles Kloosterman designed.

2022 St Helena Pegasus Jennie Norris 1 oz Silver BU

Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology. He was tamed by Bellerophon, who rode Pegasus to defeat the Chimera and carry Zeus’s thunderbolts across the sky.

This coin is designed by Jennie Norris, known for the design of the new bald eagle of the United States Mint. With a face value of 1 point and production by the East India Company, the product is sure to grab the eyes of the most infamous collectors too. The Obverse consists of an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse consists of the Winged horse Pegasus.

2022 St Helena: Faerie Queen’s 5 oz Silver Proof

Get your hands on this exquisite fine silver St Helena coin in proof condition. This is the first release in the wildly Faerie Queen series. This is a product of impeccable design and craftsmanship. This coin is inspired by The Faerie Queen, written by Edmund Spencer for Queen Elizabeth I. it has been backed by the British government and contains only 500 mints. The product comes in a mint-issued storage box with a certificate of authenticity. The reverse displays Jody Clark’s effigy for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

2021 St Helena Napoleon Angel 1 oz Silver Gilded Proof

This coin is a stunning piece of art that comes in 1oz silver gold gilded proof coin. This mintage is special because it was released on the 200th anniversary of Napoleon Bonaparte’s death. It has a stunning design and reflects history in an epic manner. It has a limited mintage of just 821 coins that comes in a branded coin case and a COA. The Obverse, it consists of an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II created by Raphael Maklouf. On the reverse, it consists of an angel standing guard over Napoleon Bonaparte’s gravestone. The top rim consists of the inscription ‘Angel’ with two selective gold gilded bees.

2021 St Helena Queens Virtues: Truth 1 oz Silver Proof

This coin is second in the order of release in the 6-part coin series dedicated to the Queen’s Virtues. With a limited vintage of 2500 coins, this one is sure to attract attention globally from revered coin collectors. The second coin represents the virtue of ‘Truth’. It depicts them holding a mirror in their right arm that reaffirms self-truth. The reverse consists of Truth Conquers All statue of the Victoria Memorial with inscriptions “VINCIT. OMNIA. VERITAS.” Owing to its popularity, this coin will not stay in stock too long as they are bound to be preferred by passionate collectors of the Queens virtue series. The inscription states, “QUEEN ELIZABETH II. ST. HELENA. ONE POUND. 2021.” The face value of the coin is one pound.

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