How long does it take to clean carpet?


Maintaining your carpet so that it will seem as nice as it can for a very long period requires regular carpet cleaning. A properly cleaned carpet greatly improves the appearance of your home because carpets attract so much dirt and can serve as bacterial nidus.

Perhaps your carpet is a little grubby, has a lot of stains, or you simply want to maintain it spotless. The most practical answer to your needs is carpet cleaning. We’ll talk about how long carpet cleaning services will take in this article.

You’ll be ready to have your carpet cleaned and know how much time to give it once you know how long carpet cleaning might take. The simple answer is that, in order to properly clean and dry your carpet, you should generally plan to be away from it for at least one full day and one night.

You can read this post in its entirety to learn a lot more about how we calculated the length of time it will take and what each stage entails.

When Should You Schedule for Your Carpet Cleaning?

You might be unsure of how far in advance you should arrange for a carpet cleaning to visit. You can actually plan ahead for any amount of time. It could take a few calls to different local carpet cleaners to find one that is open if you need it done tomorrow, but it is almost certain that someone will show up as soon as you need. In the event of emergencies, such as a significant stain that needs to be cleaned quickly, carpet cleaners frequently provide twenty-four hour service.

It’s important to schedule carpet cleaning for a period when you won’t need to use your carpet for at least a day. Avoid scheduling a carpet cleaning on a day when you are hosting visitors because it is ideal to let the cleaning process take place uninterrupted. You should prepare to spend at least a whole day away from your room.

Keep in mind that you will need to agree on how much furniture will be moved with the carpet cleaning. A carpet cleaner should be able to move simple items like couches, chairs, or furniture with wheels. Moving valuable or sensitive objects like china, gadgets, and the like is not something carpet cleaners will want to do.

You will need to set aside time to transfer any items that the carpet cleaner cannot move, or you may pay expert movers to come and do it for you. If you ask, the carpet cleaning expert may typically suggest a reliable moving firm to help you, and they might even give you a discount.

Set Up

The top carpet cleaning specialists will be able to relocate all the agreed-upon furniture and set up all of their equipment in less than 30 minutes. The amount and type of furniture you have, as well as the distance it must travel to become out of the way, will determine this number.

Additionally, they will bring all of the cleaning supplies into your home, including their steam cleaner, stain removal tools, hoses, and electrical cables. Make sure you are working on another project around the house or that you can go do errands. The cleaner won’t require you to be home, and they won’t like it if you observe them at work.

Cleanup Period

One of the quickest periods of the carpet cleaning process will be the actual cleaning time. A twelve by twelve room is expected to take a professional carpet cleaner roughly twenty minutes.

The length of time will vary depending on the state of the carpet and the cleaning technique. Therefore, multiply the number of rooms you are having cleaned by twenty to get an approximate idea of how long carpet cleaning will take in your home.

There may be some machine noise and the house may smell like cleaning supplies or contain steam during the cleaning process, but it shouldn’t interfere with other household activities.


The longest phase of your carpet cleaning journey will be this one. When the job is complete, the carpet cleaner will let you know how long it will take for the carpet to dry before they depart.

Dry carpet cleaning typically doesn’t require drying because the chemical procedure is complete and the carpet can be walked on and furniture moved right away. It may take up to twenty-four hours before you can move the furniture back into position after having a carpet steam cleaned, so you should wait at least six hours before doing so.

Drying times will vary depending on the weather because your carpet will dry more quickly on a warm, sunny, dry day when you can open your doors and windows than it will on a cold, rainy day. By employing heaters to raise the temperature and fans to move air over your carpets and remove moisture, you can speed up the drying process.

Ask a representative from your carpet cleaning company whether they can help you ensure that your carpet dries quickly if you are concerned about how it will do so.

Prices for carpet cleaning

You may be wondering what your carpet cleaning cost will be. Knowing the cost is important if you are going to spend so much time having them cleaned. The average price for carpet cleaning, per room, is about $50, and it costs $25 cents per square foot, according to You can anticipate spending approximately €175 for a typical complete house cleaning.

This price varies across the nation, with higher cost of living areas also charging extra to have your carpet cleaned. If you require additional services or if you have a lot of furniture to move, there can be additional fees.

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