What you need to know before getting a second hand watch


Many high-end watches keep their value or even get more valuable over time. Used watches and vintage watches from before the 1980s are both cheaper than newer models because they aren’t as new. Most of the loss in value was paid for by the first owner. If you don’t need the newest model or want something with a more classic look, shopping for a used watch is a great choice.

Don’t trust low prices.

To help you choose, we’ll assume you already know how much you want to spend and what kind of watch you want to buy. Once you’ve chosen a watch, you can find out how much it’s worth by looking up its age and condition online. If the watch costs a lot, you’ll be able to tell. There is no doubt that there is a good reason why the watch is so cheap. It might be fake, stolen, broken, or just not there at all.

Include every maintenance cost 

A timepiece made before 1980 is considered vintage. The cost of keeping an older watch running should be taken into account. Older watches have weaker parts that can be easily broken by a knock and need to be fixed more often.

If you want to buy a used automatic watch that doesn’t let you change the date quickly, you might want to buy a watch winder. If your watch was made before the 1960s and the battery dies, you will need to reset it. Your expensive watches might be less likely to be stolen if you use a watch winder. To protect the mechanism, a good watch winder will stop turning after a certain amount of time. With our Turns Per Day Database, you won’t have to worry about overwinding your watch.

You should buy the seller, not the watch

The old saying that you should “buy the vendor, not the watch” is often told by people who like to buy watches online. You can trust the person who sells you a used or old watch. Check to see if they have a website, good reviews, and a social media presence. Check out the ratings and comments on different sites. Fraudsters can easily make a fake online identity, but it’s much harder for them to keep it up.

The storefront of the seller should show the timepiece in question, so you can look at it closely before making a decision. Unless you do, you should be careful when you shop online. One good example is taking pictures of how the watch works on the inside. Set the watch to a certain time to see if the seller is telling the truth about who owns it.Recommendations from people you know and trust, like friends, family, and coworkers, are very helpful.

The return and warranty policy 

When buying an expensive item like a used watch, it’s important to know the seller’s return and warranty policies. If you buy from a reputable store, they will either replace the broken item or give you your money back. Otherwise, you should keep looking. This information is very important if you want to buy a used high-end watch.Use PayPal to buy things online because it has built-in buyer and fraud protection.


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