6 Scary Halloween Party Ideas for Adults


Are you planning on hosting an adult Halloween party this year? And are you tired of all the cutesy, costume, and commercial-laden party ideas that dominate the Halloween party idea market? Then you need to get back to the roots of Halloween itself – and that’s staying true to celebrating spirits and souls that have departed.

The goal of a scary Halloween party is to cause fright and fear, so why not host a party that’s creepy, scary, and fun at the same time? Don’t know how to begin? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve gathered 6 scary Halloween party ideas for adults that will surely make your party the talk of the year, until next Halloween, that is.

6 Scary Halloween Party Ieas for Adults

  1. Ask Your Guests to Wear Something Scary

A scary party must have scary costumes. Costume ideas can include vampires, mummies, zombies, creatures, ghosts, and the like. Inform your guests that cutesy costumes are not allowed unless they have creepy details like bloodstains, knives stuck on their heads, or ghoul makeup.

  1. Decorate Your Home with Scary Decor

Don’t use cookie-cutter decorations for your venue. Use tombstones or cobwebs, or plastic skulls for sale and place them everywhere in your home or the location of the party. You can also rent a fog machine to release smoke throughout the party for a truly scary vibe.

  1. Have a Scary Movie Marathon

You can set up a projector screen in your backyard or your living room and play scary movies all night long. Make sure the screen is large that it occupies an entire room or a large space in your backyard to create a commanding presence. Make sure you also have surround sounds for a creepy experience.

  1. Play Hide and Seek as a Game

Turn off all the lights in the house, turn on dim lighting, and play hide and seek. You can also use decorative skulls as candle holders, which can be the only lighting used as you and your guests play the game.

Ask a few guests to stand in dark spots and jump out of the shadows when they see someone hiding or looking for someone. To make the experience scarier, play scary sounds like screams, howling, or scary instrumental music around the house.

  1. Create Haunted Rooms

If you have a den, guest room, playroom, or extra rooms in the house you don’t use as much, turn them into haunted rooms for the party. One room could be a zombie room, a vampire room, or stage a funeral with a coffin and have someone lie down inside. When a guest comes near, that person will suddenly sit up, scaring the lights off your guest.

  1. Tell Scary Stories around a Bonfire

After dinner, why not set up a bonfire, make a circle, and take turns telling scary stories? And to make it even more fun, give prizes to guests who narrate the scariest stories.

Halloween parties are a great time for family and friends to let loose and enjoy the spirit of all things dark and creepy in this world. It’s that one time of the year when spirits, monsters, ghosts, and souls are celebrated, so why not enjoy a scary party with the best people in your life to hug and whimper with?


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