You Attract What You Are – How Laws of Attraction Work

you attract what you are

The phrase ‘you attract what you are’ reflects the laws of attraction you create for yourself. An optimistic person will attract the positive aspects of life, while a negative person will do the opposite.

The phrase you attract what you are has a lot of meaning, which we need to understand to discover ourselves better.

You must be wondering how it can affect your daily life and how important it can be. This might be surprising, but we indeed attract what we are.

There are many instances where you might have heard people saying you attract what you are, which can help you know yourself better by way of perception, goals, and beliefs.

You might not even know, but subconsciously, you reflect on yourself when you communicate with others throughout the day.

The group you socialize with or the people you work with also says a lot about how you are.

As per a study, the environment or situation also helps you understand your behavior and actions.

How you behave in a particular situation due to pressure and stress also has much to say about you. Likewise, how you express your happiness when you get a promotion can also reflect your character.

Did it ever strike you questioning how you are as a person? Do you enjoy being yourself? Does it make you proud of who you are today?

Well, don’t worry if you are confused about the answer. Here, we will help you unleash the better side of your being.

Human psychology is very complex to understand, as the way of understanding nature and character varies from one person to another.

Understanding the science behind human behavior requires a lot of practice and knowledge.

Laws to discover yourself

As per ancient Hawaiian and Egyptian cultures, you can understand life in the 12 laws of the universe. These laws will make you a better person and make your life fuller and more content.

The law of attraction is one of the most common, universally used. This law depicts that the energy you attract is the same you get back in return.

Hence, you should always put in the best energy possible and get the best in return from the universe.

This law is also known as reflection or mirroring law since this law reflects the basis of your actions on personality and behavior.

Also, based on spirituality and philosophy, there are many psychological studies where it shows the law exists.

you attract what you are

Research supporting laws of attraction

As per Byrne and Griffitt’s study, people get attracted to strangers similar to them in likes and looks. Horton and Montoya’s research has also backed this.

Multiple studies prove that the laws of attraction make sense. Another law you can follow is the law of divine oneness which states that everything in this world is interconnected.

All the emotions, actions, senses, and even behavior are connected. It would help if you understood that we all are one and connected in some way.

The compensation law is almost like the law of attraction, depicting the simple rule of life; you get what you deserve.

The law believes that if you want to achieve something, you must work towards the same. Hence, these are some of the many laws you can apply in your daily life and discover yourself better.

The life you attract

Now that we have discussed how the law of attraction works let us see how you can attract positivity to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Unfortunately, only knowing your wants don’t help; you also need to focus on the thoughts you get and work on them.

Sometimes you might wonder in life why aren’t you achieving your goals, and you may feel depressed as things don’t go your way how you want them. But all this is interconnected with your actions and thoughts.

If you keep pondering on the results but not on the goal, you may face failure more than success. You can start making a mission board, put up everything you want to achieve, and keep your focus high. Don’t have second thoughts about your goal; think positive, like you are already there at the finish line, and keep working towards it.

Overcoming obstacles

In life, you might meet many people who try to bring you down and make you feel less of yourself. You need to ignore all that and focus on the good part; your family and friends who encourage you and are there for you are all that matters.

Let’s go back and think about when you were in school. There must have been someone who always pulled you down. But there must have been your best friends cheering for you as you succeeded.

Even now, there are people in the professional world who don’t support you in your work because they envy you. Instead of thinking about why they feel the way they do, start focusing on your goals and targets that you need to achieve.

Finally, you’ll see yourself reaching the top, which you deserve. So, relax and believe in yourself.

Reasons why you see failure more than success

Now that you know how attraction and success work, let us find out why failure is common:

Not discovering yourself

Sometimes you need to understand that being a perfectionist is not everything, and blaming yourself will cause more damage.

Do you know if you start feeling scared, rejected, and demotivated, you start attracting negativity?

Start focusing on your emotions; what you feel is what you attract. By just being good to everyone, loving yourself isn’t enough to attract positivity in life.

It would help if you eliminated negative emotions to see the results of the law of attraction in your favor. If you are not content with what you have, it can be really difficult for you to reach your goals.

you attract what you are

Ponder over past mistakes

First of all, you need to understand that it is ok to make mistakes. As a human tendency making mistakes is part and parcel of life, but always try to learn and improve from your doings.

When you don’t learn and repeat the same mistakes, there’s nothing you gain from it. You need to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes instead of pondering them.

Suffering and blaming can never help you in achieving your goals. Make your choices wisely, understand the importance of your time and take action accordingly instead of thinking over past mistakes. Be true to yourself and your patterns if you must. Be honest with yourself and be focused on the goal.

Alignment of thoughts and desires

Whatever you desire needs to be aligned with your thoughts and emotion to get results. Start focusing on the feelings of your desired life, and visualize the dream you want to see in real.

How laws of attraction impact emotional health

When we talk about how you attract what you are, don’t forget that it also impacts your emotional health.

Learn your worth and take charge of your feelings. Once you start doing that, you’ll see people drawn towards you with similar emotions as you do.

Your emotions are also very important to attract positivity. You can never be happy and attract happiness with negativity around you. Hence, taking charge of your emotional health is very important to improve yourself and achieve your goals.

Emotional health is very important for your goals to achieve until you are emotionally stable, you can never give your full efforts.

People around you also play a vital role in your emotional health. If you see judgemental people around, you can never be positive. It would help if you tried to distance yourself from such surroundings as it may harm your mental health.

Try to connect with your inner self. Meditation and practicing yoga can be ways to spend time and know yourself better from within.

Yoga and meditation can help you to calm your emotions, which helps in attracting positivity.

When you sit to meditate, think bout your dreams and how you can achieve them, clear your mind and fill yourself with all the good things possible.

Life and challenges

Life is full of surprises and challenges. Nobody’s life is simple. Sometimes during hardships, you must be thinking, why is it happening to you or why is life cruel to you? But it’s not just you. Everyone goes through many ups and downs, making it all worth living.

After every hardship, when you see the ray of hope, that’s the true value of the struggles you faced. Life may not always be full of happiness and glee; it’s a mixture of struggle and pain. But there’s one thing you need to be sure of being strong about the situation and fighting through it.

Instead of sulking, you need to face the challenge and overcome it. Once you understand that challenges are like a phase that’ll pass, your life becomes easy. But if you keep overthinking the problem instead of finding a solution, there’s nothing that you can gain.

There’s nothing you cannot achieve, it might seem impossible or difficult at the beginning, but eventually, you’ll see reaching the finish line.

Nothing is permanent in life, even the challenges; they’ll come and go. So, relax and do everything with a calm mindset; it’ll help you achieve your goal and create a good vibe around you.

Do you know you are at your best when you’re calm and happy? The work that takes two hours to finish normally can take lesser time when you’re focused. Try it out sometime and see the difference; you’ll be amazed by the result.

you attract what you are

Habits to attract a happy life

Habits make a person but also have the potential to break them. Some habits seem normal to you but may not be the same for others. However, there are a few habits that can help you get the best output possible to achieve positivity:

Finding reasons to smile

You generally smile when you’re happy, but it also releases dopamine, making you happier. You do not have to fake a smile but when you feel low, try thinking of something that can make you smile. For example, the funniest incident that happened to you or something that made you the happiest. This can change your mood immediately.

Sleeping enough

Sleep plays an important part in your well-being. Normally, seven hours is adequate for healthy brain functioning and emotional health. If you don’t get adequate sleep or have difficulty sleeping, try reaching out to a doctor to fix it.

Positive attitude

Always have a positive attitude towards failure in life. Do not sulk; feeling bad for a day is okay, but don’t overthink and blame yourself.

Learn what can be done better the next time you perform. When you feel sad or unhappy, try talking it out with a friend or family who may give you the support you require. But remember, it is not the end of the world; there’s a lot to achieve.

Enjoy Nature

Nature is a beautiful place to spend time with yourself that can calm you down. As per scientifical experiments, a walk around greenery helps to lower your blood pressure.

Try making it a part of your routine, at least a minimum of a 30 minutes walk every day can be energizing for your mental and physical health.

Final thoughts

As we have come to the end of this article, we hope the doubts are now clear on how attraction works to mold you as a person. Try using the tips and tricks in your daily life and see the difference.


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