Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg – 7 Days Benelux Itinerary


The Benelux Union of Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Great Duchy of Luxembourg is the perfect holiday destination for those seeking cultural and historical clarity in their explorations. That being said, it might be quite tricky to know what to see and what to do, so we have prepared you a week-long itinerary just to steer you in the right direction! Let’s see it. 

Days 1-2: Brussels and Bruges

Start your journey by discovering the cultural marvels of Belgium’s capital city and its neighboring province of West Flanders – Bruges.

  • Brussels

First and foremost, visit Grand Place, a stunning square hidden in the city’s center that will leave you awestruck and in complete adoration of Belgium architecture. See the magnificent 15th-century City Hall, built in Brabantine Gothic, standing proud as the only remaining medieval building in Grand Place. 

You should also visit Notre Dame du Sablon, a Gothic cathedral with an exciting history shrouded in myths and legendary stories of its origins. Afterward, see the Royal Palace, the official residence of the royal family of Belgium! 

Keep in mind that Brussels is a very picturesque city, so let yourself get a bit lost in the streets and take long walks just to inhale its beauty and uniqueness. 

  • Bruges

Known as the Venice of the North, Bruges is full of cultural attractions and places to visit. Start with Market Square, full of some of the most iconic and beautiful buildings in Belgium, such as the medieval Belfry Tower and Cloth Hall, or Huis Boechoute, the oldest house in the square with a beautiful 15th-century facade and intricate exterior. 

The city is also known for its delicious local brew, so for that, we suggest going to the famous Halve Maan Brewery to try out new rich flavors! 

Days 3-5: Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Three days in the Netherlands will give you enough time to get the essence of the region, see the most prominent heritage sites and tourist attractions, and make some unforgettable memories! 

  • Rotterdam

Architecture in Rotterdam is impeccable and has always been one of the main reasons people visit. For that, find the best point of view to see the Erasmus Bridge, the monumental architectural marvel that runs from the confluence of the Noord and Lek rivers. It is the most stunning and majestic establishment in Rotterdam and remains the top attraction.

Later on, visit the Church of Saint Laurence, the only remaining medieval building in the city, dating back to 1449. Conveniently, it is located quite close to the Erasmus Bridge, so you can go straight from there! Also, you get to admire the perfect combo of medieval and contemporary panoramas. 

There are also a couple of places to visit if you are interested in marine life. First is the Europort, probably the busiest port in the world and a major trade center of Europe, on which you can see cargo ships, boats, quays, and storage facilities. You could also visit the Maritime Museum – one of the most impressive collections of cartography, maritime memorabilia, and art. 

  • Amsterdam

Among many other fascinating features, Amsterdam is the father of museums. Visit the famous Rijksmuseum, the national and most significant one in the city, dedicated to Dutch arts and history. If you would like to dwell on the art even more, visit the Van Gogh museum to learn about the genius creator of the 19th century.

If there is a historian inside of you, Anne Frank House is a must to see what life was like for one of the most famous historical figures during the tragic period of the Holocaust. 

And, of course, you must make your way to the most picturesque neighborhood here – the stunning Jordaan. Bordered by the Singelgracht canal, Jordaan has become one of the most expensive, upscale locations in the Netherlands, home to several art galleries, shops, and restaurants. 

Days 6-7: Luxembourg City

After a comfortable train ride from the Netherlands, which, by the way, you can find here on, it is time to explore the grand Luxembourg city. 

Start with the Old Town to get the first glimpse at the city and its whole vibe. Afterward, go on to explore the historical landmark that is the Grand Ducal Palace – one of the most fascinating and interesting architectural pieces of the Flemish Renaissance. It is the official residence of the Grand Duke and his family and a great display of combo between the Romantic and Medieval Gothic styles.

For the full experience, visit the Letzebuerg City Museum, which reflects upon the city’s history, country’s diversity, and development since the 10th century. This is the ultimate place to learn about Luxembourg as thoroughly as you can. 

Follow our itinerary for the best Benelux holiday ideas and experiences! Remember to be free in your explorations, and let yourself get wrapped up in the beauty and culture of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Have fun! 


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