6 Reasons why you need to Visit a Podiatrist


A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who mainly handles foot, ankles, and joint injuries. When you develop any foot-related complication requiring a visit to a podiatrist New York, your podiatrist will begin the diagnostic process by reviewing your current symptoms and medical history before performing a physical examination on your foot to determine a treatment method for your condition. Let’s review some reasons why you need to visit a podiatrist:

  1. When you’re Diabetic

When you have diabetes, you are likely to be prone to many foot problems. Some of these concerns range from experiencing dry skin to other grave infections. If you have diabetes, it will help to visit a podiatrist or doctor for some test at least once a year.

According to medical studies, visiting a podiatrist for your continuous healthcare procedure when you have diabetes can lower the chances of going for a foot amputation by 50%.

  1. When you have a Tenacious Ingrown Toenail

When you have a toenail growing into your skin, it can cause an infection. Generally, ingrown toenails mainly affect the big toe. Supposing your toenail drains a lot or turns red, please visit a podiatrist for a checkup and treatment.

In some cases, the podiatrist will recommend the removal of the affected nail or prescribe some medication if the infection is not severe to warrant nail removal.

  1. When you Suspect you have a Strain, Sprain, or Broken Bone

Podiatrists are well-trained to handle sprains, broken bones, and strains on the foot region or ankle. If you experience any of these challenges, visit a podiatrist clinic. The doctor will diagnose your injury and recommend the best treatment method. Additionally, after observing your injury, a podiatrist can create a flexible cast to speed up the healing process on the affected area. Swelling, redness, severe pain, and trouble walking after an injury are reasons to visit a podiatrist.

  1. When you Begin Running, Exercise regularly

When you start to run periodically, you will likely experience aches on your joints and pains such as shin splints. For any painful experience after running, visit a podiatrist to assess your feet and body. The doctor will flag any potential problem developing, and recommend strategies to follow to avoid further complications. Additionally, the doctor will advise the best running shoe to purchase.

  1. When you Experience Pain in the Foot Joints or Ankles

Arthritis is a common condition impacting millions of people globally. If you notice your feet joints are always swollen, tender, red, or stiff. Please visit a podiatrist for help. When you develop arthritis, it can affect how your feet function and lead to disability.

When you visit a podiatrist, you may be treated better to preserve your joint health and help your leg function normally.

  1. When you require Foot Surgery

Surgery is the last treatment a podiatrist can recommend to save your leg when you have a severe condition that has become difficult to treat on your foot. Should you require foot surgery, a podiatrist can perform the surgery on your ankle and foot. Conditions that podiatrists can recommend surgery for include broken bones, bunions, and recurring ingrown toenails.

Podiatrists provide a wide range of treatments for foot problems. When you experience any challenge requiring immediate help, please conduct or book an appointment with CHW Cares. The facility has the best podiatrist to handle all your foot-related challenges.


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