Hot Aftermarket Wheels to Buy


It is said that a great car deserves the best wheels. Wheels play a crucial role in a car’s performance and hence, aftermarket wheels need to be carefully checked before you buy any. Here are some of the top Hot Aftermarket Wheels that you can consider buying:

  1. Vossen HF-1: Vossen designs and manufactures high-end forged wheels in Miami. By stretching the barrel during production, the Hybrid Forged series claims to be stronger and lighter than a normal cast wheel. It has an incredibly hot appearance and costs half as much as a forged Vossen.

 The wheel has a rim diameter of 20 inches and a rim width between 8.5 to 10.5 inches. Its offset range lies between 25 and 45 mm. 5 bolts hold the wheel and it has a load capacity of about 1980 LBS or 898 kilograms. This wheel fits a range of cars including Audi, BMW, Bentley, Acura, Cadillac, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus as well as VW.

  1. BBS CI-R: BBS is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of thin-spoke racing wheels. However, wheel enthusiasts prefer something more contemporary like a bronze plated Y-spoke design.

This wheel has a rim diameter of 19.20 inches. It comes in multiple finishes like black, bronze, stainless, and ceramic. It has got an increased width by about 0.5 inches as compared to stock wheels. You can also include a branded cap in your wheels by paying an extra amount.

  1. Lexani Cyclone – Blk w/Machined Rim: When it comes to hot luxury wheels, Lexani holds its position as a world leader. The most unique thing about Lexani wheels is their European styling and custom design. The wheel size is 20×10 inches with an offset of 20mm. The center can is already included in the wheel cost and no extra money needs to be paid for it. The weight of these wheels is about 40lbs or 18.14 kilograms.


  1. Enkei Phantom:Enkei wheels have got a signature look which makes them unique. This look is still considered to be very popular in the Japanese tuner scene.

This wheel comes with three rim diameters: 18 inches, 19 inches, and 20 inches. It is available in a polished/black option. However, gunmetal paint can be a good alternative for this wheel. Similar to BBS CI-R, this wheel also does not come with a center brand cap. You need to pay extra if you want to include it.

  1. OZ Racing Formula HLT: Italy’s OZ is unbeatable when it comes to manufacturing wheels that function equally well on tracks as well as dirt. 

This wheel is a blend of both qualities. It can be fitted with a center-lock cap which enhances its look. Formula HLT is available in three diameter specifications: 17, 18, and 19 inches. The wheel is mounted by 5 bolts which can be hidden by the center-lock cap. It is also available in black color and is manufactured as a one-piece cast construction.

  1. American Racing 924: Most American racing wheels are not made in America these days, but this company’s forged lineup highlights the superior strength of America. The American Racing 924 is a hot aftermarket wheel that comes in three different rim diameters: 18, 19, and 20 inches. 

This wheel comes in silver as well as black paint, and it is very easy to wax and clean. However, the lug nuts are smaller than the stock which appears to be a drawback of this wheel.

  1. OZ Racing Ultraleggera: This is an ultra-lightweight wheel that has been designed especially for racing. It has been cast with aluminum which allows it to possess high accuracy and deliver great performance. This wheel has a diameter ranging from 17 inches to 20 inches.

This wheel is preferred for racing because its repair cost is lesser than others but the initial cost is higher compared to other wheels.

  1. KonigHypergram:Konig wheels have been licensed from Enkei and hence it adopts the Most Advanced Production (MAT) to manufacture its wheels. The KonigHypergram wheel comes with 12 spokes that ensure perfection and retention of its unique looks.

The wheel comes in a variety of colors such as matte grey, metallic carbon with machined grip, and race bronze. The wheel is available in three rim diameter sizes: 15 inches, 17 inches, and 18 inches.


While comparing different aftermarket wheels, the primary focus should be on the wheel diameter, number of spokes, number of bolts, rim weight, and of course price.


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