Buying Non-Toxic Cookware in Australia


Using the healthiest cookware means shopping for non-toxic cookware in Australia. But since most modern cookware is generally safe, how does one find the safest cookware in Australia? It all comes down to materials, chemicals, and heat resistance, alongside the secrets of PFOA and PTFE-free cookware in Australia.

If you’ve never seen those acronyms, keep scrolling to learn more about buying non-toxic cookware

Playing With Fire

The term non-toxic cookware conjures up many negative thoughts not typically associated with the joys of cooking. Although most cookware materials are perfectly safe for everyday cooking, some are safer than others due to their heat resistance. We are playing with fire, after all. Or, in this case, cooking with fire.

Like boiling water releases steam or wood on the fire produces smoke, heating specific materials can release fumes, some of which are unsafe to inhale. Non-stick cookware, for example, often contains harmful chemicals like PFAS, PFOA, Gen X and PTFE, which are used to produce certain non-stick coatings like Teflon.

Per- or poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS)

You’ve probably seen PFAS in the news recently under their scary new nickname, “forever chemicals”. According to environmental scientists, the chemicals are now “so persistent” that they may never disappear from the planet.

Per- or poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) are complex manufactured chemicals in thousands of products, primarily the production process of PTFE coatings (aka Teflon) for non-stick frying pans. PFAS also includes PFOA, PFOS, and GenX.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)

This group of chemicals, also known as C8, are used to make fluoropolymer coatings and products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease, and water, making them a once-popular choice for non-stick frypans. US manufacturer DuPont phased out the use of PFOA after a corporate lawyer sounded the alarm about these common chemicals in 2004.

Gen X

Sharing the same name as an entire generation, Gen X, another PFAS class of synthetic chemicals, replaced PFOA in manufacturing PTFE nonstick coatings. Unfortunately, Draft Toxicity Assessments for GenX Chemicals and PFBS by the US Environmental Protection Agency revealed its unproven safety profile and potential to pollute drinking water, air, and food through PFAS-containing products.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

With a name like Polytetrafluoroethylene, it’s no wonder Chemours (a spin-off from DuPont) named it Teflon upon its discovery in 1938. Although Teflon or PTFE coatings are still popular today, they still suffer from the same heat-resistant issues that can cause off-gassing, or the release of toxic fumes, leading to flu-like symptoms called polymer fume fever.

If a Teflon or PTFE coated pan is overheated, the coating could wear out, exposing the reactive metal core, which can leach metals into your food. However, thanks to constantly improving technology, PTFE non-stick coatings have been in the market for over seven decades with a superb record of consumer safety, according to brands like Circulon.

The Healthiest Cookware

Using non-toxic cookware in Australia is about protecting you, the chef, from the dangers of high heat cooking with nonstick pans. Even though the temperatures required (260º – 343ºC) to release toxic fumes are considerably high, conventional nonstick cookware can release toxic fumes when overheated. However, as long as you avoid overheating, the risk of ingesting harmful chemicals is almost non-existent. 

If you’re a forgetful chef or want to avoid the risk, go for ceramic, stainless steel or cast iron cooking surfaces. If you want PFOA and PTFE-free cookware in Australia, the best option, in our opinion, is cookware from GreenPan.

If you want more information about specific cooking surfaces, check out this ultimate guide on choosing the best frypan.

GreenPan Cookware

GreenPan sells safe non-stick fry pans in Australia and around the world. Cook healthier with ceramic nonstick cookware that won’t release toxic fumes. Free of forever chemicals and toxins like PFAS and PFOA, in their own words, it’s not just easy to clean; it’s made clean. Wipe it with soap and water, and you’re done.

THERMOLON™ Non-Stick Coating of The Future

The secret is in their THERMOLON™ coating. Taking inspiration from Teflon, GreenPan produces its non-stick coating that is 100% healthy and contains zero harmful chemicals like PFAS, Lead, and Cadmium. Moreover, GreenPan emits  60% less CO2 than traditional non-stick PTFE pans, making them healthier for the environment.

But what about heat resistance? GreenPan THERMOLON™ coated ceramic cookware can resist temperatures as high as 450°C, preventing you from accidentally overheating the pan. Bolstering this heat resistance is its heat conductivity. Even at a lower heat, your pan will reach the necessary temperature faster for quick and even cooking.

GreenPan also knocks non-stick coatings out of the park, allowing you to use less oil or butter to achieve the same results. 

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, then you haven’t heard of the GreenPan THERMOLON™ INFINITY PROFESSIONAL coating. Reinforced with Diamonds, Infinity Professional is the newest, strongest, longest-lasting and highest grade of Thermolon™ healthy ceramic non-stick coating, completely scratch resistant and metal utensil safe!

Top 5 Best Selling GreenPan Cookware

1.Torino Frying Pan 24cm

The GreenPan Torino Frying Pan offers maximum convenience and efficient base construction, delivering a 25% larger cooking surface. Coated with THERMOLON™ INFINITY PROFESSIONAL, you won’t find a trace of PFAS, PFOA, Lead and Cadmium, and it won’t release harmful fumes, even if overheated. Plus, thanks to the innovative Magneto™ induction technology, it provides outstanding results on any cooking surface. Coupled with its matching stay-cool handles, you’ve got yourself a top-of-the-line fry pan that’s also dishwasher safe.

2.Padova Frying Pan 28cm

Though it might not have the same  THERMOLON™ INFINITY PROFESSIONAL coating, the GreenPan Padova Frying Pan, with its Smokey Sky Blue finish, is no second-rate fry pan. The duo forged hard-anodized aluminium construction makes the Padova extra tough and scratch-resistant while promoting even heat distribution.

3.Padova Saucepan with Lid 18cm

Complete your collection with the Padova Saucepan with Lid. Featuring the same eye candy shade of blue that will complement any kitchen, this set from our Padova collection is more than another pretty saucepan. Crafted with the same duo forged hard-anodized aluminium construction as its frying pan partner, with a THERMOLON™ INFINITY PROFESSIONAL healthy ceramic nonstick coating, which is reinforced with diamonds to make it ultra-durable and heat responsive

4.Valencia 2pc Cookware Set

Toughness, resilience and dependability are all words to describe the Valencia 2-piece Cookware Set from GreenPan. The handy 20cm and 26cm sets are crafted from hard anodised aluminium with their signature diamond-reinforced healthy ceramic nonstick coating for maximum strength and scratch resistance. The exclusive Magneto™ base brings induction efficiency and top-notch performance to any stovetop.

5.Venice Pro 10pc Cookware Set

If you’ve already fallen in love with GreenPan cookware, look no further than the Venice Pro 10-piece cookware set for the ultimate kitchen collection. From sautés to bakes, fluffy scrambled eggs to fall-apart tender salmon, you can cook it all with a cookware set crafted from ultra-tough, multilayer stainless steel and finished with GreenPan’s signature healthy ceramic non-stick coating.

Other Non-Toxic Cookware Brands

Woll Diamond Lite Cookware

Using revolutionary squeeze-casting technology, Diamond Lite pans from Woll provide fast hot-spot-free heat distribution and a cut and abrasion-resistant 5-layer diamond hard-base coating making them oven safe up to 250˚C.

Circulon TOTAL® Non-Stick Cookware

Hard-anodised non-stick cookware from Circulon heats up faster with no hot spots and uses a similar PFTE non-stick system as Teflon that is entirely safe and non-toxic. Promoting a “Food Won’t Stick…guaranteed” claim, all Circulon cookware comes with a Hassle Free Lifetime Guarantee. Although, you’re unlikely to need it since the TOTAL® non-stick coatings resist peeling or chipping. 

Anolon Endurance+ Cookware

The complex anodised construction of Anolon Endurance+ provides incredible durability, with fast and even heat distribution for perfect cooking performance. The premium PFOA-free non-stick surface covers inside and out, offering maximum food release (oven safe up to 200ºC) and easy clean-up.

SCANPAN STRATANIUM Stainless Steel Cookware

STRATANIUM is an ultra-advanced multilayer coating from SCANPAN that increases the total thickness of the pan to provide a 30% improved non-stick effect, hardness and product life. Handcrafted in Denmark from environmentally friendly 100% recycled aluminium, STRATANIUM is PFOA-free and oven safe to 260°C with even heat distribution and unsurpassed durability.

Swiss Diamond XD Cookware

The revolutionary non-stick XD coating from Swiss Diamond is reinforced by tiny diamond crystals and provides trouble-free cooking with excellent food release and simple clean-up. Designed for healthy cooking with little to no oil or butter needed, the superior quality of the cooking surface spreads heat evenly and efficiently, so you’ll never need to use higher than medium heat. To properly use your beloved cookware, you can check and download their specific user manuals for free.


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