WorkinTool Watermark Eraser Ultimate Review


Before the Internet started, people would write or paint their watermarks on their works of painting. That is because, back then, you didn’t have many ways to prove that you were the owner if it was stolen. And the plagiarism situation is even worse when the time comes to the time on rising social media. Photos without watermarks would be stolen for several purposes, ending up as evidence of a crime. And if your images or videos have been adding to unnecessary watermarks you don’t want, the watermark issues can be a real pain in the butt. However, there is a watermark tool that can do your favor to deal with all these troubles once and for good.

If you are genuinely looking for a way to solve them, we have the exact tool that can help you out. WorkinTool Watermark Eraser can get you out of an awkward situation. It is simple desktop software that is worth downloading. You can use all the watermark-related features here for free. In addition, it offers more custom options like text watermark detailed adjustment, watermark removal modes, and so on. During the whole testing process, we haven’t met a single glitch. There is also a bonus mobile app for Android users: WorkinTool Video Eraser. Now, it is time for us to get to the point of knowing more about these tools.


  1. Various image and video functions to add or remove watermarks, trim and crop videos, and edit and rotate pictures.
  2. Clear Interface and easy-to-use operation.
  3. Custom user options to add text or image watermarks and adjust the font, size, color, bold, vertical, italic, opacity, rotation, and place.


  1. Currently, Windows only
  2. More Functions on the Way

In this article, you will find out:

  • Interface and in Use
  • Features

1) Watermark Removal

2) Adding Watermarks

3) Additional Software Features

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Interface and in Use

The first time you download and install this WorkinTool Watermark Eraser, you will see an obvious navigation interface after opening it on your computer. All the features it has provided are divided into eight types and placed on the right middle of the home page. There are image and video watermark removal, image and video watermark adding, video trimming and cropping, image editing, and rotating. You can find all the tools that you could use for watermarks and do it with WorkinTool Watermark Eraser. Whether you have never used this kind of software before or are already very familiar with watermark tools, this application will guarantee your best experience.

During the whole thorough process of testing, we haven’t met a single software malfunction like a non-response situation or glitches affecting user experience in WorkinTool. All eight main features this tool provides have performed beautifully and completely meet the needs of various groups of users. Even long-time videos with high definitions can be inputted within seconds and edited without latency.

Feature in Use

WorkinTool divides the main watermark-related functions into eight categories and puts them together for users to find and use. Each feature helps users better process wanted image and video files and get the desired results.

  • Watermark Removal
  • Adding Watermarks
  • Additional Software Features

Watermark Removal

The first two significant sections are the watermark removal features most commonly used by watermark users. This professional watermark software has placed image and video watermark removal into two sections. However, the essential functions are very similar. Here we will use image one as an example to show you.

So, the interface like the image above will appear after you click to input the image you want to remove watermarks. As you can see, you will be provided several options to pick to get the best watermark removal effect from it. There are also four modes for you to experience:

  • Smooth: this is a form mode that creates a soft feathering effect and makes the plane smoother.
  • Texture: is a form mode that simulates the texture effect of the original background so that the image would seem a bit more accurate.
  • Edge: is the watermark mode to cover all the boundaries first and then fill the watermark area of the image.
  • AI: is a mode that uses a robust database to analyze the entire picture and automatically removes the original image of the watermark, leaving no trace.

If you’re unsure which mode to use for watermark removal, try using the appropriate checkbox to select the watermark area first, one by one to use the removal modes on the image, and return to the previous operation if not. After you are satisfied with the final result, could you save it to your computer?

Adding Watermarks

Except for the watermark removals, the second part comes naturally to be the feature of adding watermarks. Of course, this tool also covers two sections: add watermarks to images and videos. Same as before, the adding options it provides are very similar, so we will focus on the main custom watermark options. All these fabulous features are free to use without any restrictions with WorkinTool Watermark Eraser.

Take a look at the adding watermark features. There are many custom watermark options for users to use to get a better experience. Such as adding a text watermark to a video, you can choose to add a text watermark at any point in time and modify its content, font, size, color, bold, vertical, italic, opacity, rotation, and place.

If you don’t want a text watermark, adding a logo to the video is more like your thing, WorkinTool can also help you. There are also tons of customized sections that you can adjust to the most delightful place to get the right video with the proper logo watermark you desire.

Additional Software Features

In addition to the watermark-related functions, the software also provides some essential functions about the image and video to facilitate the user in handling the watermark at the same time while making some changes to the original document to achieve better results.

It is not merely a watermark remover. It is also an image editor with professional editing functions. You can find all the features you might need to edit a decent picture. You even can use the Text feature to rebuild your text watermark, totally out of expectations.

More to Share: Video Eraser Mobile Application

Say you’re not a computer user. Just like the creators of Instagram and TikTok, there are many more ways to use your phone to create content, so here’s a similar product from WorkinTool can also help you do the trick of removing or adding watermarks to videos or images.

WorkinTool Video Eraser is a mobile application for Android users with similar needs. Like the desktop tool, all the watermarks feature, like adding custom watermarks to your images or videos or removing them from your targets. You can now finish on your phone without any hassle.

But there is one thing you should notice. It offers a free trial plan. If you are satisfied with the ultimate watermark result, it can provide you with. You can consider being a member to enjoy all the great functions. It is totally up to you.



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