How do you play roulette James Bond?


There is no better movie to get your mind set up for gambling than James Bond. This fictional character is not only good at saving the world, but he also seems like he is a professional roulette player, winning a lot of money like it is nothing.

Throughout the movies, we often see Bond playing casino games like baccarat and high-stakes poker against Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. However, it seems like roulette is his favorite game since the world has created a unique strategy that follows his name.

Even though most people think that the James Bond roulette strategy comes from one of the books or films, we are sad to inform you that Bond has never performed this strategy. This strategy has been devised in his name.

Since this strategy has the name of a smooth casino gambler that tends to win a lot, maybe it is effective and can significantly increase your winnings.

What is The James Bond Roulette Strategy?

This is a relatively simple roulette strategy that anyone can follow. Basically, the James Bond strategy involves a flat bet system, which means that you place the same amount each spin. This strategy significantly grew in popularity in the past couple of years just because people were able to win decent profits very quickly.

With that said, it is worth mentioning that the James Bond strategy is pretty risky and can leave you with a hole in your pocket.

The most important thing in order to apply the James Bond strategy to your next roulette session is to access the casino with a healthy bankroll. You should then choose the amount of money you want to bet per spin. In most cases, this amount is locked at $20, but in the case of Bond, he would have probably started this strategy with $200 or $2,000 per spin due to his unlimited budget.

Once you set your betting budget per spin, it is time to diversify your betting strategy and choose three different bets each time.

The best way to start is to stake most of your budget on high numbers, so 19-36. Let’s say you bet $14 on high numbers, the next thing you should do is to put $5 on a six line. This means that you should place the bet just so it covers two rows of three numbers, namely 13 to 18. And the last $1 you should put in on zero or green.

The idea behind this strategy is to cover the most possible outcomes in a roulette game. This strategy is based on odds examination and the probability of certain things happening.

How Much Money Can You Win Using the James bond Strategy?

Since you have placed counter bets, you cannot win every bet you’ve placed. However, there is a good chance of walking with a profit out of each outcome, and a smaller chance of losing your entire betting budget.

If you win the 19-36 bet, you cannot win the six number bet or the zero bet, and the same case goes the other way around.

Using the Bond strategy, there are several outcomes, such as:

  • If the ball lands on the 1-12 number, you lose everything – a $20 loss
  • If the ball lands on 13-18, you’ll walk away with a $5 profit
  • If the ball lands on 19-36, you’ll get $8 in profit
  • And if the ball lands on 0, you’ll get a $15 profit.

So, the only negative outcome of this strategy is when the ball lands on numbers from 1-12, in which case you’ll lose all of your bets. Otherwise, every other outcome will result in profits.

If you are brave enough, you can try this strategy with a higher amount of money per bet, and that way, you’ll get a chance to walk away with higher profits.

Is the James Bond Strategy Actually Profitable?

Since we are talking about casino games, there isone really important thing to understand. All of the games found in a casino are designed with a mathematical advantage over the house. This means that it is virtually impossible to win or walk away with a profit in the long run.

If there was a betting system good enough that can beat the game, we would all be driving Aston Martins like James Bond.

As of now, there is no significant proof that the Bond roulette strategy works every time. However, it is still nice to try it out on your next roulette session, and maybe put on a tuxedo and order a dry vodka martini like 007.

At first glance, this strategy looks promising since it significantly increases your chances of walking away with a profit with every spin. However, the only drawback is that you only need one loss after a couple of wins to scoop up every bit of profit you’ve made so far.


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