What are the qualities of a great flashlight for tactical use?


If it appears that the tactical flashlights appear everywhere these days, you’re in the right place. Since tactical flashlights have increased in price and are more advanced their demand has exploded. Not just for the military and law enforcement. Lights for tactical use are designed to be extremely strong and robust. With tactical flashlights gaining much popularity they are also designed with consideration for use in everyday carry too.

If you’re in the market to purchase an additional tactical flashlight to expand your collection, you’re in good hands! Our experts on tactical light have created this checklist of suggestions to help you choose the right tactical flashlight to be carrying for the rest of your life.

To use a tactical flashlight A brighter light is more effective.

We frequently remind our customers that they probably will not be using your flashlight at its most bright setting for the majority of routine tasks. For flashlights designed for tactical use it’s the case that this is not the norm.

This is where you’ll need an extremely bright, well-focused beam that is able to throw light over greater distances. From regular traffic stops and scanning the area for potential targets while hunting you’ll appreciate the capability to provide a significant amount of light quickly. In general, this would be a peak of 1000 lumens brightness, but today Olight has increased the brightness of many well-known tactical lights.

Find shortcuts to the interface for the most important modes of your tactical light

Knowing the intensity you’re receiving when you switch off your light for tactical use is, in many ways, the most crucial decision to take into consideration. You don’t want the light on your tactical weapon to be turned off to the maximum level of brightness when trying to keep your distance and secure, the same way you wouldn’t want to opt for Turbo and only get one lumen when you’re in a self-defense scenario.

Fortunately, a lot of Olight flashlights for tactical use have easy-to-use shortcuts for the interface that let you directly access the most commonly used modes such as Turbo, Ultralow and Strobe. The tactical flashlights also typically come with a memory mode that will return the flashlight to its previously utilized brightness when you next start it up. This is an excellent way to make sure your tactical light will function in the manner you prefer each time.

The feel and size of your tactical flashlight is crucial.

This is more of a personal choice but being aware of the size of the grip when you purchase your tactical flashlight can pay dividends in the future.

The majority of flashlights have one” body tube that has some kind shape or improvement on the tube. Most tactical flashlights range around four” to 6″ in length, which makes it easy to carry in your hand and comfortable to carry around in your belt or pocket. If you’re looking for an extended handle, search for a light which has 2x 18650 batteries since it will require a larger body tube.

Certain tactical lights, such as tactical light green laser sight combo have a replaceable tactical ring that fits at the bottom on the body tube just before it is capped off with a tail.  It adds a nice design feature to the body, for additional grip when holding the flashlight with the overhand or cigar grip. In the event that you’re using your flashlight that has the tactical ring, ensure that the tail cap and ring are securely tightened to ensure a secure connection to the batteries.

Secondary outputs can be used to expand the capabilities of your flashlight for tactical use.

For those of us then you want a tool to perform more than one job. Along with a powerful White output, some  tactical lights have secondary color as well as UV outputs to aid in examining, searching and remaining hidden.

Users of the military and hunting industry frequently depend on green and red outputs to read and maintain night vision, while law security and law enforcement personnel are likely to find ultra violet outputs essential for confirming currency and investigating crime scenes.

While alternate color LEDs aren’t necessarily a must-have feature for a flashlight that is tactical, we believe they are appreciated and an excellent option to reduce the requirement for multiple torchers inside your gear.

Make sure that your light is designed to last.

Don’t quit working because the weather isn’t good so your flashlight shouldn’t be either. We suggest a flashlight for tactical use that has the IP68 or IPX8 rating to protect your flashlight, regardless of whether it is thrown into a pool or gets stuck in a storm. If the flashlight is equipped with internal charging, ensure that it is protected by a cover.

If you are planning to mount weapon on your flashlight to a weapon, look for an internal shock-resistance that is more to deal with recoil. We also love these lights due to the spring-connected battery that helps maintain an open connection while firing the weapon.


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