The Ultimate Renovating-a-House Checklist

planing for renovate

Home renovations are a great way to elevate the look of your home. In the future, if you ever wish to sell your home, home renovations are a great investment towards it. In which case, if you’re planning to do so, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you dive in!

Here is your ultimate renovating-a-house checklist so you’re prepared for your home renovation project!

The Planning Phase

Before you reach out to a contractor, it would be in your best interest to create a plan regarding your renovations. Having a plan set can make it easier for you to communicate the details to your contractor. For instance, if you’re upgrading a bedroom. Ask yourself what is necessary for it. If it’s meant to be a more accessible room, you must ensure non-negotiable inclusions. In this example, it would be something like a zero-entry shower. Once you know what things you can and cannot compromise on, you can better understand what to expect from your budget. From there, it will make it easier to stay within your budget. Afterwards, you will want to set a deadline for the completion of the renovation. It might not seem necessary, but it helps set your renovation project’s pace and work for your schedule.

The Researching Phase

Once you have done enough planning, you can start researching and looking for the right contractor. Looking for a contractor can be rather tricky, especially how you can choose from many. It can be overwhelming. In this case, try to find a contractor by looking into online reviews. They can give some insight into what some contractors are like on the job and the quality of their work.

Furthermore, if you get a referral from someone you trust, it’s worth looking into them as contractors. Once you narrow down a few contractors you’re considering hiring, you should compare estimates between them. Ask many questions about how they would tackle the project and ensure any credentials and imperative information. You want to ensure they have a license, permits, references, and insurance information. If you find one that has answered your questions well and gets along with you, you’re good to hire them and have them get started on your renovations!

Home Preparations Phase

Now that you have hired a contractor, there are a few preparations you need to consider before they get to work. Regarding renovating, the work is rather intensive, and you can risk getting your stuff dirty or damaged. If you’re worried about your belongings, you can always temporarily put them into a portable storage container. In this way, your stuff is safe but also still accessible. Also, if your renovation requires a lot of work, it would be best to find a place to stay until the work is done. In addition, before the work starts, it’s worth taking photos beforehand. How come? Well, it’s good to document how much of a transformation the remodel will be once it’s all done!

Home Adjustments Phase

Lastly, you should ensure you’re available when the work is done. Not saying you need to be at your home all the time and watch workers. But rather, you want to ensure the contractors can get a hold of you. Sometimes they might need to relay information. Plus, it’s good to check in with your contractors, so there are no miscommunication issues or possible mistakes. In this case, you should consider making a list of what should be done during the renovation. In this way, you can ensure no details are overlooked during it. And lastly, you want to be patient during your renovations. Not everything will follow your timeline due to uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. bad weather conditions). So, just have a good attitude, and the project should resume smoothly without fuss.

Home renovations can be a huge undertaking for homeowners. However, it doesn’t need to be daunting. Hopefully, this gave some reassurance on what you can do during renovations. Happy home renovating!


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