Charles Luther Manson

Charles Luther Manson


Whether you are famous or not, this does not matter at all. What matters is whether you have the power to make a name for yourself or not. Charles Luther Manson story will help you understand that many people have made a name for themselves but in negative activities.

Although they were famous among the people at the moment, later on, they also became an example for others, and as a result, the world witnessed their end was horrible. A person should always opt for the right path the one who goes astray will never find the right path ever again.

The people who play with other people’s lives should also know that they are doing a pathetic job. In this article, we have enlisted all the details regarding the famous Charles Luther Manson for enhancing your knowledge.

Who is Charles Luther Manson

The introductory details of any personality are of the utmost importance to understanding their life. Thus, if we talk about the famous Charles Luther Manson, we will know that he was a famous singer and songwriter by profession. But this is not all. The details also help us understand that he was also a cult leader and a serial killer.

The story of Charles Luther Manson gives you chills and goosebumps. He did not limit his criminal profile to these titles only. The detail also helps us understand that he was an arsonist, rapist, and robber.

The personal life details

The birth details and aliases

If we start with the details, we will know that the person in question was born on November 12, 1934. According to the records and available information, the place of birth of the criminal mastermind is recorded as Cincinnati, Ohio. Since he was a criminal mastermind, he operated under different aliases. A few aliases that he used in the past are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Charles Milles Maddox
  • Charles Hanson
  • Chuck Summers
  • Charles Miles Summers

The status of life

Now you might be wondering whether the cult leader is alive now. So let us tell you that Charles Luther Manson died on November 19th, 2017. If we calculate from his date of birth to the day of his death, we will understand that at the time of his death, he was only 83 years old. The records and available information help us understand the place of death in Bakersfield, California.

Important personal details

Let’s talk about some other important personal details. We will come to know that there are currently no details available that will help us get an idea regarding the religious beliefs of the famous cult leader. What we do know is the fact that Charles Luther Manson was ethnically white Caucasian.

The net worth value and height

Since he was a criminal mastermind, you might be wondering how much the serial killer’s net worth value is. Thus according to the available details, the total asset value is at the mark of $400 thousand. Also, several reports help us understand the fact that the height of the famed serial killer is standing at mark of 5 feet 6 inches.

The criminal career

If we look at the cult leader’s criminal activities, we will know that he started these activities in 1948. Later, the frequency of the criminal activities increased over time, and his criminal career ended in October 1969.

The reported cases against the cult leader

The available details help us understand that only the reported cases of the famous cult leader and serial killers are various in number. He supposedly killed nine people by proxy, whereas there was an attempted murder. He was also a part of two rape cases. Also, if we look at the arson profile, he was the initiator of 4 victimless arsons.

The reported cases against the cult leader

The court process

The judgment

It was on the fine morning of august 1969 when the authorities were finally able to catch the famous serial killer, and as a result, he was brought forward in the court of law. He was judged on nine counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.

The verdict

The initial sentence was death decided by the court. Later on, he was subjected to life imprisonment. From 1972 to 2017, he remained at the correctional facility and later met his death. Many are wondering about the cause of death of the famous serial killer and cult leader. So let us tell you that he died because of cardiac arrest.

The verdict

Relationship life of the cult leader

If we dive into the personal life details, then we will come to know that the famous cult leader was married. He was married twice. Below we have mentioned the names of the spouses of the late serial killer:

  • Candy Stevens
  • Rosalie Jean Willis

The children of the Charles Manson

Also, the details help us understand that he had three children too. The names of the children are also mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Charles Manson Jr.
  • Valentine Michael Manson
  • Charles Luther Manson

The attraction toward criminals

There is a general query among the public as to why the people are so attracted to the details of the criminals rather than the people involved in the positive activities in society. So let us tell you that there are several reasons behind this fact.

Why go for the details of criminals

Many people look at the details of criminals to gain a lesson from their life and not repeat similar mistakes. Also, there is a huge class of people who want to study the life details of the criminals to analyze their crime patterns and to limit their progress. There are also those people too who want to study the life of these people for entertainment purposes.

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Charles Luther Manson is a name that has been feared for quite some time in the past. His life is an example for those who want to enter the criminal world. They can look at his life and learn a lesson that these mistakes should not be repeated.


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