How to Propose to Your Partner

Propose to Your Partner

If you’re positive that your partner is the one for you, you might want to make it official by proposing to them. There are lots of romantic movies and videos of proposals, but in reality no proposal is the same. If you’re not sure how to put together yours, we can help you out with this step-to-step guide on how to propose to your partner!

(1) Keep your partner’s family in mind

Asking for your wife’s hand before proposing is a bit old-fashioned, but it might please your future in-laws. You could inform any family member your partner is close to about your proposal, it surely doesn’t (only) have to be the dad.

(2) Choose your ring

For many people, an engagement ring is a crucial part of the proposal. Pick a ring that best expresses your partner and the love you feel for them. When ring shopping, you should keep in mind to consult a ring expert. Narrow down your options by defining your partner’s perfect ring, as it will most likely be for daily use. Set up a budget as high or low as you prefer, because you’ll find beautiful rings in every price range.

(3) Set a date and location to propose

Now that you’re prepared to ask for their hand, start thinking about when and where you’re going to propose. Important to keep in mind is that the location can set the scene for a romantic atmosphere, so you might want to think if there are any significant dates coming up such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays… There is no right or wrong, but picking a special date might add a little extra to your special moment. The location will be the spot where you asked the love of your life to marry you, so make sure to take your time to think about this.

Choose between a secret proposal or a big spectacle, depending on both of your personalities. If your partner doesn’t like being in the spotlight, don’t propose to her in a very public space. A private proposal is an ideal alternative and can even add an extra romantic touch.

(4) What to say?

Ideally you have thought about what you want to say to your partner on the big moment. If you’re not comfortable with improvising on the spot, you might want to write down a short speech and practice it a few times.

(5) Consider a photographer

It’s all about Instagram these days, whether you like it or not. If you want to capture this special moment, consider hiring a photographer that has experience with surprise proposals. Allow him to pick the ideal location for the perfect shot depending on your surroundings. Have a photoshoot with your partner right after the proposal too!

(6) Drop the big question

After reading all these steps you’re ready to drop the big question! Be self-assured and make sure to make this moment all about you two. Take a big breath, take out your ring and make them officially yours.

(7) Celebrate

After you proposed, you might want to spend some time together as a couple before telling your friends and family. Plan a post-celebration for you two, whether it’s a fancy dinner or a long drive, and process what just happened!


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