Beauty standards for women in different countries

Beauty standards for women

Beauty will save the world» is a well-known expression to many. But which beauty is the standard, it is impossible to answer unequivocally, because as many people have so many opinions. Beauty is in fashion always and everywhere, but in every country it is different, and if some men prefer slavic dating in search of their beloved Ukrainian, Belarusian or Russian, for others, the benchmark of beauty are girls with very different characteristics, different from the Slavic.- Beauty standards for women

We know from historical facts that two types of beauty are considered fashionable:

  1. The first is flowery and lush.
  2. The second is painfully refined.

They alternate with each other, but despite this each country has its own ideas about what should be the ideal appearance.

Beauty in the Slavic way

Many men in European countries, America dream of having a Ukrainian wife. Why does this happen and why do many prefer slavic dating rather than looking for a life partner among their compatriots?

The image of Slavic women is incredibly multifaceted. They are tireless toilers, caring mothers and gentle wives. Having met his soul mate, using slavic dating, a man in one person will get a beautiful, faithful friend, ready to not only support and inspire his beloved, but capable of sacrificial allegiance to their ideals.


Elegant French women prefer refined moderation, so they are unlikely to go out in revealing outfits screaming bright, poisonous colors. The ideal of beauty in France is well-groomed women with a graceful and slender figure.


The accusation that Germans are overly pragmatic is to some extent unfounded. Women in this country tend to conform to conservative ideals, characterized by blond hair as well:

  • blue eyes;
  • refined facial features;
  • trim with a lean figure.

Germans like sports and are very hardworking. Many do not use makeup, and those who wear makeup prefer not to wear bright colors. Every German woman is distinguished by the phenomenal discipline inherent in these people.


Many people know the stereotype that women in England are not distinguished by external beauty. But you can’t call them unattractive either. Englishwomen are distinguished by restraint and aristocratism, they know how to present themselves. English beauty is characterized by:

  • discreet makeup in a small amount;
  • comfortable shoes and clothing (often pants);
  • thinness;
  • pale skin with freckles.

Norway- Beauty standards for women

Women with a small nose and pronounced cheekbones, long blond hair, and wide hips are considered attractive here.

Like ladies of other European countries, Norwegian women prefer sports style, comfortable clothes and shoes, and dress up only for parties or holidays.

The character of Norwegian women is restrained, they are self-confident, strikingly straightforward, which sometimes borders on rudeness. Like American women, Norwegian beauties are feminists.


For the fair sex of this country proper nutrition, lack of grueling diets and all sorts of restrictions on food is a priority. They are stately, unhurried, prefer smooth and beautiful walk to vanity. That is why women in India are considered beautiful if they have a healthy appearance, rounded forms and large breasts.


Spanish beauties prefer frank clothing. They are sensual women, even in their movements you can see the seduction. Burning beauties do not hesitate to show their sexuality and emphasize the beauty of the figure, wearing dresses with deep cleavage, short skirts.

The standard of beauty here is considered a woman with dark eyes, tanned swarthy skin, and black-smog hair. Despite the existing stereotypes blondes in Spain are not less popular.


The standard of beauty is considered to be Chinese women with:

  • straight and long black hair;
  • a graceful, petite figure;
  • palms and feet of small size;
  • pale skin;
  • a fine, curved eyebrow;
  • red lips.

Almost all Chinese women have small breasts. The standard of beauty is small height (no more than 165-170 cm). The beauty of Chinese women is also meek behavior and submissive character.


They are timid and submissive beauties with a soft demeanor. The dream of all Asian women in the world has been successfully fulfilled by Japanese women. They managed to make their skin almost white thanks to cosmetics and procedures. The beauty of Japanese women lies in the European cut of their eyes as well:

  • gracefulness and thinness;
  • long, glossy hair;
  • matte skin.

Japanese women perform grooming procedures at least twice a day. 

African countries

Here, the standard of beauty has always been full-bodied women, because it is the fullness that indicates the wealth of a girl’s family and her health. But because Western standards of beauty have reached this part of the world, thin women are considered attractive in some African peoples.

Saudi Arabia

Arab countries differ radically from Europe. Here the standards of beauty have been formed for centuries. Women are forbidden to appear on the streets and in public places without a hijab on her head and traditional clothing – a loose and long dress with sleeves. Given this fact, the standards of beauty are quite different here. Women are considered attractive:

  • graceful hands with thin brushes;
  • large expressive eyes under bushy eyebrows;
  • slack lips.

But quite a few modern Arab women, like Slavic women, like jewelry, high-heeled shoes, expensive clothes. 


This hot Latin American country is known for its searing beauties. The standard of beauty here are women with big breasts and wide hips, an upturned nose, big lips, and long curly hair.

Not only slavic dating will help you meet your love, because in every country there are beautiful women, characterized by certain external and internal features.


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