How a TikTok craze could help you land a furniture gem

TikTok craze

TikTok is famous for several things, mainly excited teenagers miming and dancing in their bedroom to their favorite songs. But there are many more reasons why the platform is so popular. TikTok craze

Tutorials, that old YouTube classic, are being refashioned by the new social media generation into bite-sized clips that followers can pick up on the go.

Furniture flipping is one such craze born out of these. Led by influencers such as Clinton Avery Tharp and Megan Wheeler, it’s helping people all over the world find hidden gems in piles of furniture trash. Here’s how.

Look for right types of furniture

For Clinton Avery Tharp, the best type of furniture for a bargain to look for is a dresser. Depending on where you are, this may have different names, like dresser, sideboard, or credenza. 

He puts this down to their practicality. Their size means there are many ways to use them , and most of them are stylishly made. They can easily be the centrepiece of a room, with plants and chairs arranged strategically around them. 

Tufted furniture, too – those objects with layers of fabric stitched into a pattern on them – is another winner. Not only are these still popular, but sometimes they have modern legs underneath: you just have to remove the skirt of fabric from the front to unveil them, making a modernized version of the chair.

Other than that, coffee tables and dining sets are great sellers, according to the Tharp.

Facebook Marketplace is the best place to search-TikTok craze 

The internet is full of ways to save and make money. There are spendthrift guides that save money, while lists of special perks, ranging from store credit to no deposit casino bonuses , can raise a bit of unexpected cash.

Sometimes, though, it’s better to just cut businesses out altogether. Facebook Marketplace is a place where people sell items to each other, often at a much lower price than they’re worth. This is because they’re often motivated sellers: people who have a house move so they want to get rid of stuff quickly, for example. 

Tharp mentioned how some of his biggest flips have come from Marketplace, while estate sales and thrift stores often produce fruitful results. 

The weekend is the best time for furniture hunts-TikTok craze

Picking the right place to search for items is crucial but knowing when to do it can turn an average flip into an awesome one. 

The weekend is probably the time of peak activity on sites like Marketplace. It’s when people have free time, and they often have a self-imposed time limit, like Sunday evening, in which to sell the item before they go back to work. 

People who sell during the week are more likely to be doing it professionally and are not normally as receptive to bartering. They also may not be in as much of a rush to sell and can afford to wait for a better offer. 

Try and spot the small details-TikTok craze

Dovetail joinery and mid-century legs. These may not be terms you’re familiar with, but they’re the intricate details that Tharp looks for in his furniture hunts. 

To elaborate, dovetail joints are added pieces that fasten two pieces of wood together to ensure a tight, strong fit. According to experts, they’re the sign of a true craftsperson and you can identify them by looking for joints that look like two jigsaw pieces welded together. 

Mid-century legs, meanwhile, are tapered legs – those that thin out toward the bottom – that you often see on sofas and chairs and were typical in post-World War II furniture making. Again, they’re a good sign of quality and look stylish, too, which helps.

Looking out for these minor characteristics can really separate the wheat from the chaff and increase your chances of making a great return on your investment.

Buy trendy

Trendy is good. That’s the opinion of Tarp who says that people often get attracted to quirky and weird items because they like them. Problem is, few other people will, and you’ll get stuck with it. 

Figure out what the current furniture trends are, then go for those. Sites like Pinterest are great for this: just type in ‘trendy furniture’ or something similar and see what comes up. Then memorize these styles and keep them in mind on your next hunt. 

Also, keep it simple. Have a maximum of three items in your possession at any one time, ideally three trendy items! See what profit you make from your first three deals, then go from there. 

Use simple but effective cleaning products

When it comes to renovating, spending a little really does go a long way. A window cleaning agent will cost a bit of money, but its degreasing qualities could potentially add much more to the value of the item. It’s especially effective when mixed with white vinegar which works as a stain remover to go along with the degreasing. 

Speaking of stains, a wet vac with a small scrubbing brush on it is the best option for removing upholstery marks. You just spray, scrub, then the vac sucks the liquid out. 

Just a few minutes’ hard work can produce some truly eye-opening results and put you on the road to being a professional flipper!


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