The best bar top materials for outdoor bars


If you love the idea of a home bar, it is vital you know the best bar top materials to consider. You need a water resistant bar top, so a stainless steel or wood bar top isn’t a bad starting point.

What material is best for your bar countertop?

If you need help to decide what surface material is best for you, and how to finish your pub bar top at home, we have suggestions for you.

Granite countertops are always a good idea

You cannot go wrong with granite countertops for a natural stone that comes in a wide range of designs, colours, and patterns. This is extremely tough, even more durable than marble, although direct sunlight can impact its appearance over time. Granite can be expensive, but it is durable and guaranteed to last.

Wood countertops are a popular choice

It isn’t an exaggeration to say a wood bar top is a popular choice. Wood is natural, it is durable, it works well outside, and it looks great. If you want a rustic or traditional feel, wooden countertops are stylish, and a wooden home bar is always popular.

You will love a wood bar top

Cedarwood and teak are suitable options for wood countertops.

You can treat wooden countertops to make them even more durable, but this is a choice that won’t let you down for your outdoors bar.

Aluminium countertops look great

Aluminium is a fantastic choice when it comes to sleek and stylish outdoor bar tops. This is a rust-free solution that is very light. If you need to move your outdoor bar or place it into storage, you will not struggle to move an aluminium worktop bar.

Stainless steel countertops is durable

When it comes to durability, stainless steel is a fantastic option. This finish is hugely appealing, and it goes well with many colours and looks. No matter what furniture you have around your home bar, stainless steel bar tops work hard and look brilliant.

Think about the sun and shade for bar tops

All outdoor bar tops work better in the shade. This protects them from direct sunlight, ensuring they look better for longer. This isn’t just the case for stainless steel, its true for virtually all bar tops. Also, the nominated bartender isn’t over-exposed to the sun with the bar in the shade, so that is great news!

You can find an affordable material for your backyard countertop

The wide range of outdoor bar tops means there is something for every budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy a dependable and stylish countertop. However, if you do spend a lot of money, you can have a brilliant bar that adds to your property value. Whether you enjoy this benefit or a feature that helps sell your home depends on you and how long you stay here!

What outdoor space will host your bar?

Not everyday outdoor space is the same, and you need to consider this when setting up an outdoor bar. A bar in a deck area might be different from what you need on a patio, balcony, garage, or lawn.


The amount of backyard space is the starting point, so measure that and then worry about bar dimensions.

More surface space adds style and functionality to your countertop

An L shaped bar is a good option if you have the space. You have more control behind the bar, it is easier to keep other people out, and you have more surface area to work on. An L shaped bar creates more outdoor bar top space to work with, which is ideal for many would-be bartenders!

An L shaped bar can also add a sink and cabinets without taking up more room. A handy cabinet makes life easier, storing plates and keeping important items out of harms reach. Your counter can be used to store items, but it is a working area. Keeping countertops clear helps you make food and drink, which is why a cabinet or cupboard at your counter is a brilliant addition.


Bear in mind that outdoor countertops are different from kitchen countertops. What works inside your home won’t necessarily be a valuable feature outside of your home. So, no matter what you love in your kitchen, please consider the following materials for outdoor countertops.

Do you need an outdoor kitchen as well?

If you entertain people, you might wonder why stop at an outdoors bar; why not add an outdoor kitchen too? This takes a lot more planning, but it isn’t an impossible task. Whether you opt for a barbecue, a grill or even a pizza oven, there are many ways to add a cooking element outside of your house.

Keep family members safe around the counter

Be mindful of health and safety kitchens when adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio, balcony or deck area. Like an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchens generate a lot of heat, so use durable materials and keep a safe distance around the kitchen area.


However, there is no reason why you cannot have a stylish outdoor kitchen that matches your outdoor bar. Using the same material and colour for your outdoor kitchen as your bar counter creating an elegant theme.

Do you need outdoor furniture?

If you have a limited budget, you don’t need outdoor furniture, but it would be good to add these pieces around your bar. To create a social space for family members and friends, at least add bar stools.


Bar stools come in many colours, materials and prices. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on bar stools, and if they match your bar top, all the better.

Add a table to your backyard pub

An outdoor bar isn’t the same as a pub, but offering chairs and a table makes sense. You’ll likely be inspired by bars to create your bar top, but try to add individual touches too. If you want comfort, opt for beanbags or a couch as opposed to bar stools and chairs. If

What many outdoor bars get wrong?

If you want to know how to get your outdoor bar space right, consider what many people get wrong with outdoor bars The right material is essential, and once you have that right, things fall into place. However, please consider this list of problems when creating your ideal bar area:

  • Not selecting a water-resistant outdoor bar material
  • Not having or creating a clear focal point in the garden area
  • Not making a bold statement in their outdoor space
  • Not leaving enough space to socialise or for people to walk around
  • Forcing people to stand because they haven’t added chairs or seats
  • Not creating a level place to sit
  • Not clearing their yard around the bar area
  • Choosing the wrong shape for the available space
  • Placing the home bar too close to the house
  • Not choosing a durable surface
  • Designing a bar with no visual interest

Of all the details to consider with outdoor bars and counter tops, there is no single solution that fits every yard or garden. It is nice to create a space with stylish features for friends and family members to enjoy food and drink at your property, but you also need to create a safe and spacious area to work.

When it comes to your outdoor bar, we think a wood bar, stainless steel or granite option will not let you down, but focus on finding an affordable water resistant bar top, and take it from there!


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