Facts about Tendinitis That You Must Know


Exercising is important to keep your body fit. However, sometimes you may experience pay during or after training due to strenuous exercise. Athletes are also prone to tendon injuries due to overstretching. When the tendon is damaged and becomes swollen, you will suffer from a condition known as tendinitis. The condition requires a specialist who will treat it with care until you can return to your daily activities. If you suffer or are experiencing this condition, you may be the right candidate to seek treatment at the tendinitis Portland sports injury facility. Sports Health Northwest, Inc, specializes in these conditions by helping minimize your pain and ensure you are soon back to your daily activities. Below are some facts you should know about tendonitis before booking your appointment.

Tendonitis Is Not Just for Athletes

Tendonitis is a common sports injury, but it is not limited to athletes. If you also perform activities that damage or strain your tendons, you may develop tendinitis. People doing activities such as painting, carpenters, and construction workers also have higher chances of developing tendonitis due to forceful exertion to the tendon.

Untreated Tendonitis Leads to Tendinosis

Tendonitis is usually a tear to your tendon due to straining. If you stay for long without seeking treatment for your tendonitis, it may escalate to a more chronic state known as tendinosis. Tendinosis increases the chances of developing tendon rupture.

Early Tendonitis Treatment Help Avoid Surgery

When you develop tendonitis and fail to seek treatment, the condition may lead to tendinosis, a rapture to your tendon. To solve this problem, you have to undergo surgery at all costs. When you first notice you have tendonitis, it is advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid the problems that follow with tendinosis.

Tendonitis Has a Remedy

After developing tendonitis, one may think that that is the end of their ability to perform daily activities or engage in their favorite sport. However, this is not the case as tendonitis has a remedy. Your doctor aims at reducing your pain and inflammation as you continue to recover. They may use anti-inflammatory, physical therapy, cold therapy, resting, and interventional therapy to help minimize your pain and speed the recovery process. Some interventional therapies may include platelet-rich-plasma injections that involve using your body cells to facilitate healing and reduce pain to the injured area. PRP is a form of natural healing and helps grow new and healthy tissues.

How To Prevent Tendinitis

It is always good to avoid developing tendonitis since it is not a friendly experience. There are various ways to avoid developing tendonitis including alternating your workouts to reduce the impact, improving your playing techniques, stretching before and after workouts and using proper workplace tools.

The majority of people wait for their tendonitis to heal by itself, making the symptoms worse. Once you experience pain on your tendon, it is the right time to seek immediate medical assistance to avoid the problem escalating. At Sports Health Northwest, Inc, you will receive immediate attention to your problem since they care about your overall well-being. They will help manage your pain and inflation and walk you through your healing journey. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.


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