Add A Whimsical Touch To Your HDB Through These Amazing Ideas!


Interior designing is all about creating a beautiful and heavenly abode irrespective of how much space you have. A small HDB apartment in Singapore does not mean that you will not be able to design it according to your wishes and preferences. In fact, a smaller space means that you get the chance to focus on smaller spaces and make the most out of them. 

When designing an HDB apartment, you can choose a particular design theme that is trending these days or you even have the option of choosing a theme and then tweaking it a bit to incorporate certain other design elements that may help to give it a character and personality of its own which matches yours. 

Here, we will be discussing a Scandinavian theme in which you can make certain changes to give it a magical and whimsical look. We will be taking inspiration from a design portfolio by one of the top interior designers in Singapore, in this case Swiss Interior, who excel in transforming a clients’ needs and requirements into a beautiful reality. By using the different color combinations and other details of this design, you can create a humble yet elegant and whimsical abode for yourself. So let’s look at these amazing ideas and see how you can transform your home!

Keep A Simple Neutral Color Theme 

One of the best ways in which you can create a mystical and soothing interior is to keep light and neutral color schemes in all the rooms. But keeping everything neutral may make the space appear dull and boring. 

The trick here is to add some pop of color in between the neutrals and also complement with various patterns and textures. As an example, consider the following image of a living room designed by Swiss Interior where they have wisely combined different textures, patterns, and colors in a neutral color palette. The walls are white with even the TV console wall in a very light shade of wood. 

The floors are also of a very light beige shade. Now come the things which help elevate the room’s appearance. A dog-tooth pattern black and white sofa chair adds the required amount of pattern and texture in this interior along with a black leather sofa. The pop of color comes from the fresh green leafy plants that also help to create a fresh and serene environment in the living room


Make Efficient Use Of Carpentry

Another way that you can add a touch of unique magic in your home is to incorporate different levels and forms of carpentry in the house. Here, you can see how a TV console has been transformed to create a new look. Wooden shelves of varying heights create a dramatic effect while still serving the purpose of storage. A huge wall hanging constructed from a wrought iron intricate design bordered by wood takes you into a magical place. Again, a beautiful indoor plant helps to bring together the carpentry and decor together.

Create Small Sitting Areas And Nooks

Another way that you can bring about creativity and fun into your home is to designate small areas in it for sitting, reading, or eating purposes. You can add comfortable chairs and sofas in it and light them up with different forms of lighting. To add a magical touch to this space, you can even add fairy lights or other accessories such as plush cushions and rugs. In the following image of the home designed by Swiss Interior, a small platform table is created with a high stool chair that can serve as a dining table or even a study table. The adjoining kitchen cabinets illuminated with warm lights and fresh plants create a cozy yet elegant space.


Add A Green Leafy Wall And Blend It With Black And White Striped Patterns

One suggestion to create a magical home for yourself is to go completely overboard in a design idea and blend it with some other elements to create a harmonious look. Just think of some interior elements that you like, make sure that they go well together, and just incorporate them into the design! Irrespective of whether it goes with the overall theme of the house or not. Consider the following image. Here, one complete wall of the dining space has been covered with green plants to make it appear as a leaf wall. It is complemented with horizontally striped black and white window blinds which go perfectly with the green wall. The yellow flowers and the light oakwood dining table and chairs add a warm aesthetics into the interior. The result is a beautiful blend of freshness and warmth. 


Add Lots Of Plants To A Neutral Theme

You can never go wrong by adding plants in any room of your house. Green plants work especially well with neutral themes and walls. In the bedroom shown below, the walls, dresser, and bed are all neutral and pastel. But notice how various indoor plants have been added in the room to create a comfortable and elegant space. You can add fresh or even artificial plants to achieve such a look. The cane bedside tables also add the natural texture and warmth to this otherwise modern interior.



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