What You Should Know About Ptosis

Know About Ptosis

It feels good to admire the person you can see in the mirror. But it can be bad when you realize your eyes look sleepy no matter how active you are. This could be due to eyelid sagging or ptosis and can take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem. Also, it can affect your vision and facial expressions. Fortunately, there is a way you can repair the eyelids to improve your appearance. A plastic and a cosmetic surgeon can help you manage ptosis in Peoria through surgical interventions to restore your confidence and improve your vision. Here is more information to Know About Ptosis condition.

How to Know About Ptosis

Ptosis is directly noticeable as all you need to observe is droopy eyelids. The condition does not cause any pain but can block your sight. Therefore, you might realize your vision is not clear, and you have to lift your chin or move your head back to see better. Although it is common to appear tired in the morning, ensure that the situation changes once you freshen up. If the condition persists, you might have ptosis. Also, it is not normal when you find it challenging to lift your lids, and you have to arch the eyebrows. Such moves may end up affecting your neck and head.

Why do Ptosis Occur

There are many reasons why your eyelids can be droopy. Sometimes children are born with the condition, or you can develop the condition as an adult due to nerve damage. It is crucial to effectively manage the condition in children as soon as possible since it affects their vision and could lead to long-term vision problems if not well managed. In adults, it can also occur due to an injury or an illness weakening the ligaments and muscles responsible for raising your eyelids. Additionally, it can develop due to the natural aging process where the muscles and skin around your eyes gradually become weak.

How to Treat and Know About Ptosis

Several treatment alternatives can be employed to manage ptosis, depending on the cause of your condition. If the condition is not affecting your vision and you are cool with it, it can be left out. But surgical interventions like cataracts or LASIK surgery can be employed when it affects your confidence and is due to muscle and skin weakness due to aging. But for children, doctors will not use surgical interventions until they are older. They will only assess the eyes regularly and manage issues with patches, drops, and glasses. If you are not eligible for surgery as an adult, your doctor can prescribe specialized glasses with a crutch built to lift the eyelids and improve your vision.

What Happens During Surgery

Ptosis surgery is the main treatment for drooping eyelids. Your provider uses monitored anesthesia and may perform the procedure internally or externally. The degree of your condition will determine the best approach to be taken. Your doctor will also assess and examine your unique needs during a consultation appointment to understand the most suitable treatment for you. The actual procedure involves making an incision in your upper eyelid to strengthen the levator muscle. The eyelid is inverted, and the incision is made to access the Mueller muscle when the internal approach is used.

Learn more about ptosis by speaking with Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery experts. Your provider will evaluate your needs and advise you accordingly. You can also book an online appointment and discuss your expectations with your doctor.


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