High Fashion Jewelry you can add to your Collection


For the majority of the people, jewelry may be one such accessory that is very close to their hearts.  It is one such fashion accessory that can enhance one’s beauty and highlight your features. When styled with the right outfits, jewelry can elevate your look and make you attractive. It is a piece of art that can be used to portray an individual’s self and express their creative side.

Jewelry has always been a part of human beings for centuries. From ancient times, it has remained a symbol of one’s culture and practices. These precious pieces communicated different messages such as sincerity, wisdom, security, affection, and prosperity. Thus, they can be considered a creative form of expressing one’s individuality. 

Jewelry is one such powerful accessory that can completely change an individual’s appearance. With a single piece of jewelry, you can create a bold, classic, or cool fashion statement. Therefore, most people will be having their unique pieces of jewelry, ranging from gold earrings to diamond rings and platinum chains. They will also be having a collection of other pieces of jewelry like Beaded Bracelets or a pair of boho earrings or a vintage necklace that they pair with their summer outfits to get a cool chic look. 

If you are a lover of this high fashion jewelry and are wondering what new pieces can be added to your collection, go through this article and explore the vast world of jewelry that you would love to buy and treasure forever.

The Tiffany & Co Open Heart Pendant

This iconic piece of jewelry that was designed by Elsa Peretti in 1974 is still a highly trending jewelry even after half a century. For some people, these open heart pendants are very valuable as they symbolize love, faith, fertility, luck, adoration, and beauty. But mostly these pendants are highly praised for their beauty and elegant design. The sensual, bold, and appealing look of the pendent has made it a piece of jewelry adorned by women of all ages, races, and countries.

The open heart pendant is one of the most celebrated Perettie designs that is one of the most iconic pieces of Jewelry in fashion history. The idea of “open your heart” that metaphorically asks you to accept love is a catchy conversation starter. Whether worn alone or in layers with other jewelry, this open heart pendant will give you a bold and elegant look that all modern women want.

The Chanel Pearl Earrings

Sophisticated and poised pearl is a game-changer in the fashion world that can give an elegant and complete look to any outfit. Even after so many years, Channel jewelry still holds value, and a pair of channel pearl earrings is still considered a huge asset. These brilliantly designed channel pearl earrings can highlight your face and lighten your simple casual outfit. Some of these Chanel pearl earrings have detachable peal drops that can be detached, making them a luxurious jewelry piece in your box.

Personalized Pieces

Since we are living in an era where everyone likes to stand out, having a personalized piece of jewelry that is tailored according to your unique taste will be added asset to your collection. This just-for-you jewelry will deeply resonate with an individual’s personality and style sense. These personalized pieces are unique to the wearer of the piece and hence, very special. The letter necklace and engraved pendants with initials or zodiac symbols have become one of the most trending fashion jewelry of the era. 


Jewelry can be considered as the second skin, hence a piece of personalized jewelry can be considered a way to embody your personality.

Bold Gold

Giving a golden touch to any outfit has become a trending fashion. So, fill your box with bold gold necklaces, sculpted gold rings, a pair of chic hoops, and bold golden rings. Gold is the color of happiness and warmth, hence style your summer outfit with some bold sparkly jewelry of golden metal. Also, gold is the metal of elegance and pride. So, add some jewelry of gold metal to your box and upgrade your jewelry collection. Also, try to layer some of these gold ornaments to make a high-end fashion statement.

Cuff bracelets

Having a cuff bracelet in your possession will help you level up your fashion game. This sturdy and structured cuff bracelet is one of the most preferred fashion jewelry from big designers to street fashion brands. Simply adding a minimal cuff bracelet will give you a sophisticated look. From minimal to highly ornate ones, there are cuff bracelets for all occasions. So, get yourself cuff bracelets of various styles like a minimal one with simple embellishment to look simple and trendy and a highly ornate one with stones and studs to stand out at the party.

Stack your jewelry collection with some of these jewelry pieces to flaunt your beauty and celebrate your creative fashion expression.


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