Must Have Bangles Types In Your Wardrobe


From earrings to necklaces, there is a lot of must-have jewellery pieces that must be in your wardrobe. Bangles too come in this category. This traditional accessory can add the much-needed edge to your whole attire. 

Earlier, bangles were mostly popular among married women. It is still one of the symbols of being married. But thanks to the fashion world, now unmarried girls also adorn bangles. This is because of the wide range of bangles available in the market. 

So, if you were planning to add bangles to your collection but weren’t sure if they were good for you, it is time to put all the doubts behind and start the shopping spree. Below, we have mentioned some of the famous and stylish bangles types you can definitely purchase. Read on!

It will not be fair if we do not begin the list with gold bangles! This type of bangles has been around since centuries. From thin bangles to thick kadas, there are plenty of designs you can choose for your gold bangles. Many women also opt for dailywear gold bangles to have a safe yet stylish option for everyday accessorizing. If gold bangles are too expensive, you can also buy gold-plated bangles. But make sure that you take good care of the gold-plated bangles as their colour can fade. 

  • Diamond Bangles

Classy and elegant, diamond bangles are a delight. Their shine and grace can match any outfit and occasion. If you are planning to invest your money, diamond bangles could be a good choice. You can style diamond bangles on special occasions such as office parties or family functions. 

  • Thread Bangles

Thread bangles are not made from precious metals but they are equally gorgeous. Thread bangles are popular among young girls who wear them in one hand with traditional kurtis or skirts. You can get monochromatic or colourful thread bangles and also wear them with a crop top for a casual outing. 

  • Stone Bangles

If you love colour in bangles, you can also try stone bangles. They are often made with gold or silver with gemstones studded into them. Check the stone bangle designs and decide which one suits your style. They are best suited for Indian wedding functions. You can also pair them with traditional outfits like sarees or suits. 

  • Glass Bangles

Probably the most commonly worn type of bangles, glass bangles can take you down the memory lane. They are available in numerous styles and colours. They are mostly worn by married women. In fact, they are a staple for newly-married women. If you wish to wear glass bangles, you must get a set of them. The best part about glass bangles is that you can mix and match them with other types of bangles too.

  • Pearl Bangles

One of the most sophisticated and elegant types of bangles are pearl bangles. Slide them by your wrist and see the difference yourself. They can be paired well with a simple saree or suit. You can also wear them with western attires but make sure the ones that you use for a western outfit are sleek pearl bangles and not thick kadas with too much embellishments. Wear the bangles in one hand and adorn a watch in the other hand to get the perfect look. 

  • Kundan Bangles

Another type of traditional bangles, kundan bangles have been in the market for years. But they never lost their charm. These bangles are also set in gold. They are firm, stylish, and have plenty of stones and crystals studded. They are good for times when you do not want to wear too many bangles and just want one or two kadas in hand. Pair them with kundan earrings and a choker to get a traditional look!

Read the types? Well, then start selecting the ones you want for your ultimate collection. Happy shopping!


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