10 Tips for Having an Awesome Backyard Dinner Party

Backyard Dinner Party

Would you like to have amazing dinner parties in your yard? If so, you’d do well to make it the best possible setup for entertaining guests. Whether you invite over friends, family, or a few of your neighbors, it’s a good time for a cookout on those warm Spring and Summer evenings. A high quality traeger grill for backyard use will definitely make it an even better experience for you and your guests at Backyard Dinner Party.

Keep Bugs Away- Backyard Dinner Party

You don’t need to let bugs ruin your outdoor dinner plans! It’s in your best interest to have citronella candles and torches placed all around your outdoor space. You also can give out some bug spray or other type of repellent. If you think about it well in advance, you can plant flowers and bushes that repel bugs, such as chrysanthemums and marigolds.

Music for Your Event- Backyard Dinner Party

You need some good music choices for your event. Put together a fun playlist, maybe something that reflects the theme of your party. This is sure to set the vibe. Include slow and faster songs in a few different genres so that there’s something for everyone who’s at your event.

Get Supplies Together

Be prepared by getting all the tools and serving items you’ll need. This includes tongs, metal spatulas, serving platters, large bowls, and slotted spoons. Determine if you’ll use paper or plastic plates, and if you want to break out all of your silverware or use disposable utensils for your guests. Disposable tablecloths are going to be key since there’s sure to be a bit of a mess when it comes to hosting a barbecue. Leave out a garbage can or a few, depending on how large your space is and how many people are there.

Come Up with a Theme

It’s great to be creative with your backyard event by choosing a party theme. Select one that is seasonal, situational, or just something that you know your guests will enjoy the most. You can have dinner and movie night by setting up an outdoor screen and choosing a film or two to show. Or, you might opt for a day-long Olympics style event with games you can play before you have your meal. No matter what theme you choose, you’re sure to have a fun time.

Prepare Your Grill

No matter the type of grill you have, make sure that it’s ready to go before the big day. You should check it the week before your party, as well as on that day. If you have a pellet traeger grill you’re planning to use, get your wood pellets well in advance. You never know if the store is going to be out of what you need that week. This way, you can avoid having any major surprises.

Bring Out the Decorations

Some fun decor is going to set the scene for the day/night. Choose some themed centerpieces for your tables, get festive balloons, and hang up banners that will ensure that your guests feel welcome at your party. It’s also good to find cups, plates, tablecloths and more that fit your theme.

Backyard Games Are Important

You can’t truly have a cookout without some backyard games. It’s a tradition to play at least one of these games as you wait for the food to be ready. Consider if you’ll have children there, and then you can make sure to have family-friendly games to play. This means arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt, and plenty of bubbles!

Staying warm with fire pits

A backyard fire pit is an excellent place to socialize at dinner parties and events. It can be located nearly anywhere in the backyard. A fire pit is a great spot for guests to enjoy dinner and stay warm, especially during cooler months. Fire pits need to be located away from bushes and flammable materials. It is important to maintain them safely for less chances of an accident.

Lighting Choices

Outdoor dinner parties are good events for choosing a variety of lighting options. Extremely bright lights may be used as well as more subtle lighting. String lights and even candles have been popular lighting methods that enhance the outdoor environment. Brighter lights may be used on the periphery of main areas of the dinner party.


When using seats outdoors, there is sometimes a compromise on what is most durable and practical vs what is comfortable. If comfort is a priority, make sure to get stain resistant materials in your furniture. Inexpensive chairs can be used for durable seating. Solid plastic or wood chairs can handle dirt or other environmental conditions without ruining expensive chairs.

When it’s time to have a backyard party, make sure that you’re well-prepared and have a great pellet grill. This really will make the whole experience better.




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