Getting a DUI Attorney in Oakland: Five Reasons You Need One


All jurisdictions in the United States consider driving while under the influence a criminal offense. Offenders would have to face the charges in a criminal court. Typically, you can hire a private attorney or have one assigned to you by the court. Also, defendants have the right to represent themselves instead.

Did you recently get charged with a DUI in Oakland? You might be weighing your options and considering getting an attorney. Generally, hiring a professional to handle the case for you helps your chances significantly. However, conditions can get complex along the line. 

How do you know a DUI attorney in Oakland would be worth the time? Can they always get you out of a case without incurring added fees? In this piece, we’ve highlighted five key reasons you must know about competent DUI attorneys in Oakland.

A DUI Attorney Brings Experience to Bear

You’d generally want to get out of a DUI charge as quickly as possible, but what are your chances? It’s best to find a DUI attorney in Oakland if you get caught in California. They have the experience to tell you what works and help you towards getting you out of the problem. 

A DUI attorney would have gone over numerous similar cases and can draw a pattern from how each gets handled in court. From experience, they’d know the specific factors that could cause a dismissal of the DUI charge and the different other reasons judges may consider.

That’s not all: attorneys can tell you what evidence has the greater priority in court, thanks to the many years they’ve seen enough cases to analyze. If you’re still wondering if a DUI attorney in Oakland would be cost-effective for your current issue, a brief consultation with one could give you enough insights.

A DUI Attorney May Cost Less in the Long Run

One main concern for DUI defendants is that things could get expensive whether they win or lose the case eventually. But you don’t have to worry about getting a DUI attorney, as they could save you money throughout the court proceedings. 

Depending on the court and the judge handling your case, you could get waivers on DUI fees due to financial constraints. Those charges could run up to $15000, so saving from it could be a significant step for you. 

If you’re in California, A DUI attorney has the potential to save you from hefty sentences with the many techniques they’ve learned. In some cases, they could bump down a DUI charge by arguing infractions or reckless driving, effectively saving you from paying fines and attending alcohol school. 

Representing Yourself Doesn’t Always Work Out 

You have the right to represent yourself in court, but is it worth the effort? You must know that showing up in court by yourself may not work out as effectively as hiring an attorney. 

For starters, representing yourself in court can get expensive, valid for every DIY activity. Since you have to handle the research, applications, and other aspects of the case, you can expect to spend more money than expected.

Plus, you might not get the desired outcome from the case like a DUI lawyer would give you. That’s because you may not have enough experience to see the many ways to get a win around Oakland DUI laws and penalties.

A DUI Attorney Has the Time to Get You Justice

You may feel you could get yourself out of your DUI charge, but do you have the time to see the case through the events? Most likely not. From the court appearances, which could take the entire day, to DMV trips and possible adjournments, only a DUI attorney has the time to handle your defense with comprehensive legal reviews. 

Beyond not having the time to handle your defense correctly, you may not be in the right frame of mind to eke out a just and favorable sentence from a lengthy DUI hearing. In contrast, a DUI lawyer becomes obliged and dedicated to your case and would follow it up to its expected end. 

You May Not Know the Odds and Ends to the Charge

Was your charge driving under the influence? Could you argue unreasonable searches and seizures? Typically, DUI cases fall under criminal defense, and you’d have to be thoroughly familiar with criminal laws to handle the matter yourself. But that could be difficult for defendants, making it imperative to get a DUI attorney instead. 

For instance, they can determine whether the police adhered to the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. A DUI attorney in Oakland would check if the police had the right to stop you under California Law. 

Furthermore, there must be a reasonable probable cause for the police to believe you were driving under the influence. Generally, DUI attorneys would further determine that the breathalyzer used for your breath test is up to standard and in working order. They’d confirm intricate details like taking the test twice within 15 minutes and that the results have a 0.2 percent average. 

These are complex odds and ends under the state’s DUI legal defense, many of which only an attorney can comprehensively handle on your behalf. 

Bottom Line

DUI charges get handled in court depending on the jurisdiction. Nevertheless, it’s under criminal law in the states, so you can expect a criminal sentence if found guilty.

Therefore, you expect to get out of a DUI charge with a favorable ruling, but can a DUI attorney get you one? You may also wonder, “how can I find affordable DUI lawyers near me?” 

Getting one would be worth your money, especially when you consider that you only get one chance at defending the case. 

Once the judge finishes the case, there’s not much else you can do. A criminal conviction could hurt your life: a suspended license, insurance increases, and recurring fines are some of the consequences on the books. 

Only an experienced attorney can beat down these risks on your case. If you’re in Oakland, California wondering if your case needs a DUI attorney, the tips above could help you decide more quickly.


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