These 4 personalised gifts are the best gifts


Are you looking for a fun gift for someone close to you? Your mother, father, sister, best friend, or your partner? Do you find it hard to think of what to give them as a present? Why don’t you give them a personalised gift! Personalised gifts are wonderful to give and great to receive. Often it is something functional like a mug or t-shirt with a personal text or photo printed on it. This way, the gift will always be a memento for the recipient. In this blog article we tell you all about the best options for giving a personalised gift.  

The gift that keeps on giving

Giving perfume to your significant other is a way of showing affection and care. The fragrance is intimate and personal. Each person has a signature scent that represents themselves and scents are linked to memories or emotions. Giving a perfume subscription is a perfect gift idea that offers your loved one to discover their favourite scents and most importantly the perfume subscription is a gift that keeps on giving.

A great entry
One of our favorite personalised gifts is the personalised doormat. Especially when it comes to housewarmings, this gift is a real winner.  Imagine that you have a new flat or a new office and your family or friends give you a personalised doormat with your name or the logo of your own company on it. Isn’t that super original? You can do anything with the personalised doormat. You can put text on it but it is also possible to put (simple) images on it. 

The good oldfashioned mug
It may be a bit hackneyed, but we still like it: the mug. We especially like it when you make an annual joke of it and the recipient ends up with a whole cupboard full of mugs. Without joking around, the mug is the perfect way to remind someone of a special moment or give them a message that you want them to remember every day. Nowadays, there are also mugs that change their design when hot liquid such as tea or coffee is poured into them.  

Most used present ever
Since we pick up our phone about 85 times a day on average, a personalised phone case is an excellent way to provide someone with a nice, personal gift. You can really do anything with the personalised phone cases. Write a message in text form or place a photo on the cover. In any case, you can be sure that the person who receives the gift will often remember you and your gift. Designing a custom phone case is quick and easy and can therefore be done in just a matter of minutes.  



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