Who Killed Tooka?

Who Killed Tooka?

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Now and then, something unique happens in the world. Some events affect only a single person or a few people. But some events affect the entire nation. The question of who killed Tooka has been circulating on the internet for a while now, calling for the attention of the researchers. Some events are extremely horrible that involve life-threatening details. Thus, these events give us goosebumps.

People start thinking about how they can build a future for their children under such harsh circumstances. Therefore, they try to get more details regarding the events so that they can understand the reasons causing such incidents. This is why you will find such questions trending on the internet. If we take a look, we will know that Tooka was a teenage boy who was murdered almost a decade ago in 2012 in an extremely horrible gang shooting. You might be wondering who this guy was and why he was killed out of the blue in cold blood. Then it is of the utmost importance that we pay serious attention to the personal life details of Tooka.

According to the available information, we know that his actual name was Shondale Gregory, but in the streets, he was known by the name Tooka. He was only 15 years old at the time of his murder. He belonged to Chicago, Illinois. The boy died at a very young age. He was also an affiliate of a Chicago gang, the Gangster Disciples. Such companies always have a terrible impact on your life, and you might experience the severe outcome of such situations.

Who Killed Tooka And Why?

If we review the details of the event of the cold-blooded murder of the young guy who was only in his teens, then we will come to know that it was on January 12, 2012. At this date, Tooka was sitting peacefully on a bus stop in Chicago, waiting for his commute. When out of nowhere a car pulled up in front of the bus stop and later on the door of the car opened and a passenger came out of the car. He went up to Tooka and stood there for a while. They talked and exchanged a few words. Later on, he pulled out a gun and shot the youngster thrice in cold blood.

Who Killed Tooka And Why?

The impact was so immense that he did not have a chance to recover, and he fell to the ground and was pronounced dead at the scene. Most people think that this was a gang war issue. Also, it can be true because, according to many sources, it is evident that it was payback for the death of another gang member Eddrick Walker who was only 17 years old and got killed in cold blood earlier the death of Tooka. Like Tooka was part of GD. Similarly, Eddrick was a part of the gang known as Black disciples or BD.

Now, this cycle started turning again and again. The results were so harsh that they could not be explained in words because the reason was that Tooka was killed for retribution. But GD killed another member of BD to avenge Tooka. Although there are not many confirmed details, the information shared by Daily Mail helps us in understanding that Gakhira Barnes, a friend of the deceased, might be involved in this murder.

The Retribution Cycle

Now, as we know that the closest friend Gakhira Barnes killed a member of BD for the retribution of Tooka. The deceased’s name was Odde Perry. Due to this murder, the Daily Mail crowned her with the title of the most notorious female gang member of all time. But she also became a part of this retribution cycle, and it was in 2014 when she was killed. At the time of her death, she was only 17 years old.

So, you can see that this is a cycle that never seems to end, and the number of deceased keeps on rising and giving us chills. When Gakhira was killed at that precise moment, her death was not declared as an ordinary gang job. In fact, most thought that she might have fallen prey to gun violence. But this might not be true because, according to her social media accounts, she was known as a “hitter” or, in simpler words, a killer. Two dead bodies were credited to her name.

You will find her social media filled with her photos with guns and other violent materials. The death of Barnes and Tooka was thrown upon the rival gangs. This opened many people’s eyes, and people started to understand why it is necessary to limit gun violence. Therefore if we take a look, then according to the available data, it is evident that almost 3500 people were shot last year in Chicago alone as a result of the gun violence. The categorization and statistical analysis help us understand that 246 out of these were aged between 16 and less.

A Waking Call

These events depicted that our youth is not going the way we want them to. The violence has increased so much that it requires putting to an end once in for all. This opened the eyes of some researchers, including some big names such as Desmond Upton Patton. He heard the news of the death of Barnes and started a quest on social media. Once he dived into her account, he found that it was filled with the treasure of information.

A Waking Call

Now here are all the details that will help you understand why street violence increases with every passing day. Also, Eddie Bocanegra made to the news who questioned the recent violence prevention outreach programs and their efficacy. According to him, these systems were in dire need of innovation.


Gun violence and street crimes are the factors that will lead us to the answer to the most asked question, “Who killed Tooka?”. Therefore, the researchers and authorities must put in some efforts to ensure that these factors are reduced so that the life loss of youngsters in such harsh events is minimized.


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