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Handyman are real heroes and life savers in our lives, hence they play an important role in our lives. Handymen are the people who mend, repair, and maintain our houses and other establishments. Hiring a handyman is a good deal since it saves us a lot of time and, more importantly, it is far safer than causing major damage to our houses on our own. Professional assistance is always the best and most appropriate solution.

There are many handyman services in Singapore that you may hire since they are in great demand, especially since Singapore is full of high and large buildings, companies, and real estates that require handyman maintenance and services. If you live in Singapore and are seeking for a good and reliable handyman service, read this article until the end because you will learn a lot about handyman services in Singapore that may assist you a lot and how to find a good handyman service in Singapore. Let’s get started! 

What do most handymen charge per hour in Singapore?

If you’re planning to hire a handyman repair and service in Singapore, the cost will most likely be determined by the type of repair or service you need, particularly at your house. This guide will help you be aware of and notice how much it will cost you to employ a handyman, mostly in Singapore. Following that, below is an updated list of handyman jobs and pricing in Singapore:

General Home Services

Services Price list (SGD)
Installing TV brackets $50 to $90
Installing a ceiling fan $80 to $150
Installing shelves/mirrors/blinds $50 to $70
Installing wall-mounted fan $60 to $150
Installing frames and pictures $50 to $70
Installing a chandelier $90 to $120
TV repair $150 to $400
Furniture assembly $80 to $120
Replacing the door knob $60 to $150
Assembling chairs and tables $50 to $70
Replacing door knob $100 to $150
Replacing or installing a heater $60 to $100
Replacing light fitting, switch socket outlet, or light bulbs $100 to $200
Replacing or installing a big heater $100 to $150
Replacing the bedroom door $100 to $200

Toilet, Pipes, and Taps

Services Price list (SGD)
Clearing basin,kitchen, or toilet bowl $100 to $200
Replacing leaked pipes $50 to $100
Replacing or installing water taps $40 to $60
Toilet repair, installing, or replacement $160 to $200
Replacing or installing shower sets $40 to $60


Overall, Singapore handymen would most likely charge $50 to $100 per hour, depending on the sort of service and repair needed. It will also likely depend on the sort of handyman you hire; is he or she an independent contractor or does he or she work for a company? When compared to independent labor, most handymen who work for a firm charge a higher hourly rate.

Does a handyman need a license in Singapore?

Singapore always ensures the safety and convenience of everyone. With that, handyman services in Singapore really needed to be done by professional and skilled handyman that have a license. If a handyman does not have a license in Singapore, he or she will probably not be allowed to take and provide commercial services. This policy is great because it will be much safer for everyone who will hire a handyman since it is 100% sure that you are dealing and hiring a real professional and skilled handyman that can safely fix, repair, and maintain your home sweet home. 

Hence, before hiring a handyman, always make sure that he or she has a real license. Thus, there’s nothing much to worry about because Singapore handyman services have indeed professionals who are insured and already have done several handyman projects, or in short, a real skilled one. 

What is expected of a handyman in Singapore?

Singapore handyman services are always expected to be done professionally since they are required to apply for a license in order to work and apply for commercial services. Thus, handymen in Singapore are supposed to be insured before performing such repairs and services because it is part of the statutory standards that they must meet. As a result, they will be asked to work on a variety of repairs and services in both residential and commercial buildings, such as cleaning and rebuilding communal areas, repairing plumbing systems, completing repair evaluations, and offering repair assistance.

How do I find a good local handyman in Singapore?

There are a number of good handyman services in Singapore that also give a nice service. Finding and hiring the best handyman, especially a local one, is challenging since there are several things you must search for and verify before selecting a good local handyman. However, there are various simple ways to discover a decent local handyman in Singapore. Here is a list of quick and easy ways to discover a reliable local handyman in Singapore:

Check the payment options

Before proceeding with the main repair and service, a good local handyman in Singapore must supply and will provide you a summary of estimation of how much the repair and service job would cost. With this, you will be able to choose a decent local handyman service that is within your budget. It is your privilege and freedom as a hirer to select a handyman service that you believe will efficiently and perfectly fix all of the work that has to be done. A good Singaporean handyman is transparent and honest about their payment alternatives, notably the charge fees.

Check the insurance and license papers

As previously mentioned, every handyman in Singapore is required to apply for and submit insurance and license documents before they may work for commercial services. So, if you’re looking for a good local handyman in Singapore, one of the most important things you should look for before selecting a local handyman service in Singapore is their legal documents, which include insurance and license papers. This ensures that the local handyman service you’re using is very competent and skilled. As a matter of fact, you will benefit from it as well because it will save you from having to pay medical fees if the handyman is harmed while working on your property. 

Expensive charges do not always mean the best service

Finally, a good local handyman in Singapore does not necessarily imply that they will charge you and allow you to spend a lot of money for the best repair and service. As previously stated, a professional Singaporean handyman would always be transparent and honest about their commissions. Their top priority is to provide the greatest service possible to their consumers while charging fair costs. When selecting a local handyman in Singapore, make sure they are truly skilled, professional, and appropriate for the job.

Handyman Services Singapore

Best for Affordable rates with good and quality services
Address 2 Eunos Cres, #02-2569, Singapore 400002
Operating hours Monday to Sunday, 9 AM – 9PM, but has 24/7 emergency services.
Contact number +65 8282 6888
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Now that you’ve learned some strategies for selecting a good local handyman service in Singapore, I’d like to propose one of the best and most reliable handyman services in Singapore, “Handyman Services Singapore.” 

Handyman Services Singapore provides a wide range of repair and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties, including carpentry, painting, electrical work, plumbing, and much more! What Singaporeans like the most about them is that they provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Handyman Services Singapore is only a phone call away, no matter what time of day or night it is!

Their first priority is to repair your home. They provide affordable rates with good and quality service, which many Singaporeans commended. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy handyman service in Singapore, Handyman Services Singapore is the firm to call and employ. Thus, depending on the situation at hand, Handyman Services Singapore may frequently address and repair your problems in your house in less than an hour!

Common Handyman Services in Singapore

Overall, Singapore handyman services are best if they satisfy all of the crucial and required requirements, as well as the legal documents that they need, to ensure that they are truly skilled and professional workers. If you’re seeking the best handyman service company in Singapore, we hope you’ll check out the Handyman Services Singapore that we previously recommended. As a result, we realize how difficult it may be to discover the best and most reliable handyman service in Singapore, given the abundance of handyman services firms circulating across the country. With that, we hope we have substantially assisted you in locating the top handyman service in Singapore, as well as providing suggestions and recommendations on how to do so. Thus, we hope that we have addressed and explained all of your commonly asked concerns about handyman service in Singapore, which will be of great use to you in selecting a handyman service agency. We hope to see you again in our subsequent articles!


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