5 Interesting Facts about Coolsculpting

about Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is easily the best non-surgical procedure for body contouring today for getting rid of that stubborn fat that just won’t melt away. Coolsculpting is a procedure that freezes fat cells without causing trauma to surrounding cells. The process causes fat cells to dissolve, liquefy, then later leave the body, which results in a toned and slimmer body figure.

Interestingly, not many are aware of how coolsculpting works. So, we’ve brought you something interesting about cool sculpting that might just explain why coolsculpting in Las Vegas has become so popular.

1. Coolsculpting Was Discovered By Accident

While researching the effect of eating popsicles on teething pain, two scientists noticed a change in the subjects’ children eating popsicles. It appeared that their cheeks were dimpling as a result of the coldness. 

The observation prompted the idea that the popsicles’ cool temperature froze and eliminated small pockets of fat cells inside the cheeks. This led them to the discovery that fatty tissues are sensitive to freezing, meaning they may be reduced under such temperatures.

2. It Reduces Fat by up to 25%

Coolsculpting has built a good reputation due to its incredible fat reduction. Both men and women have experienced fantastic results from this fat reduction procedure that often goes up to 20% and beyond. For this reason, coolsculpting has grown to be a popular alternative to liposuction.

3. There’s No Downtime

A cosmetic procedure with no downtime is always a bonus. A coolsculpting patient at Sculpt Spa can easily resume their daily activity after their coolsculpting session since the process is non-surgical. There’s no anesthesia involved, thus no downtime. 

What makes it even better is that there’s no time off work required to arrow for healing. Granted, there may be some tingling, redness, and numbness in the treatment areas, but it typically goes away within 24 hrs after the procedure.

4. Results are Quicker Than You’d Expect

After a coolsculpting treatment, liquified fat cells tame a white to exit the body naturally. On average, the process will take anywhere between 1 to 2 months to process and remove the dissolved fat from the body fully. Once all the frozen fat cells get eliminated, the results are often noticeable within two to four months of treatment.

5. CoolSculpting Destroys Fat Without Harming Tissue

Fat cells are more susceptible to freezing temperatures than other tissues. This is why different areas of the body can be subjected to intense cold without fear of harming the skin. During coolsculpting, the cold energy directly goes to the fat cells so expect to feel a bit chilly during the procedure.

Try Coolsculpting In Las Vegas Today

One of the biggest fears in weight loss procedures is paying for one that doesn’t work. But with cool sculpting, rest assured that you will completely destroy the fat cells in your targeted areas permanently. However, as with any other procedure, it does not declare you immune to weight gain.  Maintain the results through exercise and a healthy routine to prevent the ponds from coming back right.


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