What Does Adult and Pediatric Healthcare Involve?


Having your family’s healthcare needs met at the same place is convenient and helps develop a productive relationship with the doctor. It also gets easier to deal with family-related health issues, including early management of inherited conditions. The provision of family healthcare is also vital in growing and enhancing healthy lives.

If you are looking to access comprehensive healthcare for adults and pediatrics in Humble, TX, Calvary Urgent Care is the place. The practice provides exceptional primary care services for patients of all ages. Get in touch with their office to learn more.

What to know about adult and pediatric care?

Calvary Urgent Care provides extensive adult and pediatric care, which includes various primary care services for patients of all ages, such as:

  •         Preventive care
  •         Urgent care
  •         Physicals

The medical team at the practice includes nurse practitioners, family physicians, clinicians, physician assistants, and more. They provide boundless care, including treating chronic health conditions.

What are available services?

Calvary Urgent Care provides several adult and pediatric services, including:

  •         Pharmacy, diagnosis, and laboratory services
  •         Disease diagnosing and treatment
  •         Pregnancy testing
  •         Wound, fracture, and burn care
  •         Workers compensation care
  •         Travel vaccines
  •         STD testing
  •         Drug testing
  •         Sports, school, and immigration physicals
  •         Minor office procedures

Calvary Urgent Care provides expert medical care for any of your family’s health concerns. You can expect to receive quality healthcare at any time of the week, including Saturdays. Book your appointment today to get started.

What happens during your consultation?

The team at Calvary Urgent Care ensures you get immediate and undivided attention during your appointment. Your care provider starts by monitoring your blood pressure and pulse. He also asks about your past health history, any medications you take, and your symptoms.

The provider also conducts a comprehensive physical exam and orders more testing, including X-rays, blood tests, STD tests, asthma, and allergy testing. The diagnostic tests are essential in determining the cause of your problem.

In case of a school or sports physicals or a worker’s compensation, your provider completes the paperwork required by the school or the employer.

Where you might need a minor procedure, your provider ensures to provide compassionate care in a calm and comfortable setting. For severe or advanced cases, your provider may recommend you to a specialist at a nearby hospital.

Should you consider urgent care over an emergency room?

Calvary Urgent Care is convenient and affordable when it comes to addressing most of the adult and pediatric health concerns. However, in case of a deadly health issue, it would be best to seek emergency care or dial 911 right away.

The bottom line

When addressing your daily health concerns, you need a health provider you can trust and rely on for quality healthcare. Calvary Urgent Care focuses on supporting your health by providing comprehensive primary care to patients of all ages. From vaccinations to school physicals and occupational medicine, they cater to your health in every area of your life.

Contact an adult and pediatric specialist today

If you or your child need any health care, including lab, vaccinations, pharmacy, or physicals, contact Calvary Urgent Care today for your appointment.


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