Who Is Liable In A Dog Bite?

A Dog Bite

The United States Centers for Disease Control recorded that approximately 4.5 million people get bitten by dogs every year. Dog bite injuries can have drastic consequences on the victim’s life, and if you have suffered injuries because of a dog bite, you must take legal action. 

It can be challenging to understand the legalities involved in filing an injury claim. In such situations, injury attorneys Huntington Beach can guide you and ensure that you receive fair compensation to recover the damages you incurred because of the liable party. 

Who is held liable to compensate you?

Various states have their laws regarding liability, and your lawyer can help you understand what applies to your case. A lawyer carefully assesses your case to determine the liable party and prove their responsibility to fairly compensate you for your damages. 

  • Strict liability. 

In strict liability states, the dog owner is held responsible for their dog’s actions regardless of the situation. This law is applied when the dog bite occurred in a public setting or private property where the victim had permission to be, which means that it does not protect trespassers from such attacks. California is also a strict liability state. 

  • One-bite rule. 

In a few states, if a dog has never acted aggressively before, the owner is not held liable for the first bite a dog injures someone with. 

  • Negligence. 

If the dog bit the victim and caused injuries because the owner acted recklessly, they are held liable for the victim’s damages. The negligent misconduct of the owner can be proved with the help of an experienced Huntington Beach lawyer. 

What kind of compensation can you seek from the liable party?

  • Medical injuries. 

Dog bites can be severe and lead to wounds, scars, head and neck injuries, fractures, infections like rabies and sepsis, and nerve damage. Immediate and effective treatment is essential for correctly diagnosing and treating your injuries. The compensation allows you to recover the costs of past and future injuries caused by the incident. 

  • Lost income. 

The intensity of the injuries can prevent you from working at your job, leading to a loss of livelihood. Your compensation covers the wages and job benefits you lost because of the injuries and recovery period to allow you to maintain your everyday expenses. 

  • Pain and suffering. 

A dog bite injury can have a negative impact on your mental health. Victims may experience extreme pain, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and have an overall reduced quality of life. 

The legal procedure can be distressing to navigate without the assistance of a lawyer. They help you estimate the damages you incurred and enable you to choose the right legal route to follow to help you receive fair compensation. 



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