Best Smart Light Switches and Dimmers For Your Home

smart swiches

The way you light your home has gone from being a basic on and off switch to ensuring apps that control the intensity of the lights in your home. You are not alone if you are stuck on what you need to use for your switches and dimmers. There are so many products in the market that you need to figure them out. To help with that, here is a list of switches and dimmers you can use. Go through them and choose what will work for you.

Essential light switches

The first and commonly used switch in the home is the essential light switch. It has two terminals and can be turned on and off by simply flicking the switch. It is compatible with most light switches and is affordable, which makes sense why so many households have it. If you do not mind the old-school switches, this will work for you.

Three-way switch

If you have a big house, you can get a three-way switch. It allows you to operate the lights in one room using more than one switch. That way, you do not have to feel around the dark when you want to turn on or off the lights. Most people still use it and even ad a glow-in-the-dark pleasure to them to make it visible better.

Smart dimmers

 If you are looking for a way to dim your lights, one of the ways to go about it is using a smart dimmer. It uses a remote, and you get to fiddle around with your switches. All you need is to get a cbus installation, and you are good to go. The apps you use will vary from one dimmer to another, so keep that in mind.

Wall control dimmer

If you are planning on having more than one dimmer light in your house, it helps if you have a wall control dimmer, you can set it to different levels and use it to dim and brighten different lights in the room. The only thing you need to be keen on when using this dimmer is figuring out which switch controls the different lights in the house. It will take a while for you to figure it out, but you are good to go once you do.

When it comes to the switches you use in your home, you can choose to have the basic ones or something much more intricate. Your experience with the switches will mostly depend on the design of your home and the aesthetic you were going for. Before you get the switches for your home, ensure you sit down with your original plan and figure out how these new dimmers and switches will work for you. That way, you know if whatever choices you are making with the fixtures work well. You also need to ensure you invest in quality bulbs, especially if you are using the dimmer. That way, everything works together seamlessly,


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