Broken Stove Glass? Here’s What You Should do


Have you noticed that your log burner glass is in need of replacing? Finding that your stove glass has cracked or broken can be incredibly frustrating and you will need to repair it before you can use your burner again.

If you have found that your log burner is broken, we have taken a closer look at what you need to do to restore it to its former glory. 

Why has the stove glass cracked on my wood burner 

There are many reasons why your log burner glass has cracked. Typically though, it will fall into one of two categories:


One of the most common reasons for cracked stove glass is impact. This could be overloading the firebox and accidentally closing the door on a protruding log, hitting the exterior, or overtightening the screws which hold the glass in place. 


How you use your log burner could also result in the glass cracking. Operating the stove at too high of a temperature, either through using too much fuel or allowing too much oxygen into the firebox, can cause the glass to crack. 

Another reason could be using the wrong fuel. Traditional household coal can be quite volatile, particularly in the confined space of a burner, while petroleum-based fuels can also lead to explosions that cause the glass to break. 

Can I use a wood burner with cracked glass?

It can be very dangerous to leave your log burner glass cracked. A tiny hairline fracture might mean you could use your stove at lower temperatures, but a larger crack can result in more oxygen entering the firebox and creating higher temperatures. A crack can also result in burning embers escaping, which can create a fire hazard

How to avoid breaking the glass in the future 

When it comes to protecting your log burner glass, there are several top tips that you should follow to reduce the risk of it cracking. This includes:

  • Not overloading your firebox, only burning the fuel that you need. 
  • Taking care when around your stove, reducing the risk of an accidental impact on the glass
  • Only burning the recommended fuels for your stove
  • Not burning fuel at too high of a temperature. 

How to replace cracked stove glass 

If your glass is cracked, then it is important to replace it as soon as possible. To do this, you should first clean the entire door area to make removal easier. You should then remove the entire door from the stove, as this will make it easier to access the screws and bolts that are holding the glass in place.  

Once the door has been removed, carefully unscrew the glass, watching out for any shards of glass that could cause injury. Once fully removed, simply replace it with your new glass panel and reseal it. 

If you need help with replacing your cracked stove glass, then speaking with the professionals will help ensure you can get the perfect fitting replacement for your burner.


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