The Best Vibrators to Keep an Eye on in 2022

The Best Vibrators

The world of sex toys is ever-changing, and while you might think you’re okay with the one you already have, you might be missing something really fun by staying in the past. Men and women are allowed to have an active, healthy, and curious sex life, not only with their partners but also with themselves. If you, too, think that it’s important to keep updated with the latest trends in sex toys, check out our list with the best vibrators to keep an eye on this 2022. 

Rechargeable Magic Wand- The Best Vibrators

Probably the most popular sex toy featured in most porn movies and videos and recommended by many people, the Magic Wand has been around in the market for a few years now. The Magic Wand is a massager type of vibrator, it is quite powerful due to its potent motor, but it’s also very noisy and not at all discreet. A new feature about the Magic Wand is that, recently, the manufacturers launched a cordless version of this gadget; so if you don’t mind the size and noise, this will be perfect for your sex toy drawer. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 – The Best Vibrators

With one of the most innovative structures, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is probably the best clitoral stimulator you’ll find nowadays. By using air pulse technology, this device offers an indirect clitoral stimulator which will never be overwhelming since it has a wide mouth that covers a bigger area of skin. The safest thing about the Satisfyer Pro 2 is that it’s made of medical-grade silicone so it’s safe to use in the bathtub or pretty much everywhere you want. This updated version now has intensity control buttons to adjust the vibrations as you wish. 

We-Vibe TangoX

Small, pocket-size, and reliable, the We-Vibe TangoX can be your new best friend! This vibrating device offers intense sensations, powerful vibrations and is one of the safest gadgets in the market. You wouldn’t imagine the rumbly and potent vibrations that come out of this miniature device the moment you turn it on! The We-Vibe TangoX is made from ABS thermoplastic, which means it’s hypoallergenic and completely waterproof. This rechargeable vibrator has a smooth design and features up to 8 different settings of vibration to choose from. 

Womanizer Premium 

If vibrations are overrated for you but you’re still looking for a good stimulation to get you mind-blowing orgasms, the Womanizer Premium is what you’re looking for! This handy device uses rhythmic air pulses to create a sensation of “sucking” and “tapping” instead of plain vibrations. A very clever setting of this gadget is that it features an “auto-pilot” mode in which intensity varies, so it makes it feel like a more lifelike experience. With a single, full magnetic charge you can use the Womanizer for up to 4 hours non-stop. However, if this is your first sex toy, we don’t recommend starting with this one, since it needs some ability to handle. 

Lelo Soraya Wave 

If you don’t mind splurging a bit in a good and useful device, the Lelo Soraya Wave might be ideal. This is a rabbit vibrator, which means it features two structures joined together, a long one for vaginal stimulation and a shorter one for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. This rabbit vibrator is aesthetically pleasing and has very advanced technological features. (Amicusmongolia) Most rabbit vibrators offer two different stimulations, but this gadget offers a third one: the tip of the long shaft flexes gently for a more precise G-spot stimulation. 

Lovehoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator

Almost with the shape of a microphone, the G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator could almost make you sing with pleasure. This device is ultra-slender and ends with a small, rounded tip. This curious shape makes this G-Spot perfect because it’s super easy to hold and it concentrates on just what it needs to do: provide great G-Spot stimulation. Thanks to its ultra-sleek shape, you only need to apply some lube to it, insert it, and twist the base of the gadget to control the speed of the vibrations. 

Lelo Mona 2

Some women don’t even need vibrations to get to your climax, they just need a good shape to pleasure themselves. The Lelo Mona 2 is an amazing silicone vibrator with solid potency, but what truly makes it unique is its unique and curved shape. The Lelo Mona 2 is thick and filled with flowing curves, which make it perfect for internal pleasure up to the deepest part of your anatomy. The curves of the structure also make the Lelo ideal to rub it against the G-Spot, whether you want to turn on the vibrations or use it without them. 

Njoy Pure Wand

Looking for a sleek and ultra-elegant sex toy to embellish your drawer and your nights? This device has it all. The Njoy Pure Wand is a beautiful stainless steel toy, perfect to provide firm pressure and a direct connection to your G-Spot. This sex toy is designed with just the right curvature, and it also features a very long reach, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right place to pleasure by yourself or with your partner. 

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Cock Ring

Not all vibrating devices have to be shaft-shaped! If you’re looking for a gadget to use with your partner and get wild, the Desire Luxury Cock Ring will be a great investment. This ultra-durable ring is made of silicone, it’s super stretchy so it comfortably fits all sizes of penis. Since this toy is made for both parts to enjoy new realms of pleasure, you can spin the attached vibrating stimulator to either add vibes to the testicles or to directly work as a clitoral stimulator for the woman. 

We-Vibe Sync

Here’s the perfect toy for modern and tech-savvy people! This device is a C-shaped vibrator that is inserted in the body and simultaneously stimulates the G-Spot, the clitoris, and even your partner if you want to use it during sex. The We-Vibe Sync is completely adjustable so don’t worry about picking the right fit. With 2 different motors and up to 10 vibrating modes, this gadget comes with a We-Connect App you download to your smartphone and control at distance, this way, you or even your partner can get playful while not even being in the same room! 

Now that you know which are the most popular vibrators to use this 2022, take out your credit card and get the one you find most fitting, we’ll assure you they’ll all make your sex life a bit better! 



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