Tips and Tricks in Styling a Kaftan


Kaftans are baggy but always flattering and flow freely. Despite the opinions of some people, including women, Kaftan isn’t for the beach. Although this is great beachwear, the kaftan could be much bigger. In fact, in any case, wearing a kaftan can easily impress and draw attention; people just need to style it well. In line with this, feel free to scan along and get some tips on how to style and wear them to look great all day long. 

An Introduction to Kaftan 

A traditional caftan or kaftan is an ankle-length garment with long, flowing sleeves. This loose type of garment was originally a long-buttoned gown worn mainly by men in the Middle East. Previously, the kaftan was made of silk or cotton and often had a sash or sash around the waist and long sleeves up to the elbow. At that time, wearing the kaftan was considered the prerogative of the Ottoman sultans of Turkey and those of high rank in society. It was considered precious enough to be given as a gift to the generals who won the war or an important holiday of the Ottoman Empire.

However, things changed over the years, and by the 19th century, the kaftan had gone from being a luxury to being worn only by the poor as well as the shopkeepers. However, Kaftan has made a comeback to fashion in recent years and has become increasingly popular, catering to the tastes of two ladies who prefer luxurious, chic formals.

Wearing a Kaftan

  • On Formal Occasions

Kaftans’ appearance is excellent on nearly all ladies, regardless of their form or size, and assists in covering any components of the frame people will now no longer want to be accentuated. For example, ladies with a larger bust can get an extremely flattering look with a kaftan with lengthy sleeves and a low V-neck. 

For those who are into boho elegant, they can have the outfit they want by simply adding flat sandals, a handbag, large sunglasses, and pick-a-chunk silk fabric to their kaftans. For formal occasions, kaftans with minimalist patterns and highly-priced fabrics paired with jewelry and high heels will do the trick. 

  • On The Beach

Wearing a kaftan on the beach is one of the most popular approaches to carrying a kaftan these days. Made from a light, breezy fabric, a kaftan is a top-notch choice in case everyone needs to decorate their suit or bikini. In addition, kaftans can add protection from the extreme sun’s UV rays. Surely, everyone can enjoy long hours on the beach while staying cool and gorgeous.

  • Finding the Perfect Kaftans

There are a lot of features people should consider when buying things. Kaftans, in particular, differ and depend on the fabric and length – accessories and shoes are just some minor considerations when picking a kaftan. Specifically, people should buy kaftans based on the length of their bodies and the type of fabric they desire. Also, it is important to check on the fabrics’ quality and whether it is worth their price. With the right shoes, bags, and accessories, ladies can easily style themselves and, at the same time, get comfortable with their clothing.


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