Why Does My Dog Play With His Food

Why Does My Dog Play With His Food

Are you wondering to yourself, “why does my dog play with his food?” Are you worried your beloved pet is not receiving enough nutrition? This blog is for you to find out what to do when this happens.

If you observe your pet dog, you will sometimes find them behaving unusually. They may behave like this due to lack of exercise, boredom, or to get your attention.

This article provides answers to ‘why does my dog play with his food’. Read till the end to have all your doubts cleared once and for all.

Why does my dog play with his food

Suppose you have a pet dog in your house but don’t have enough time to play with him. You may find the dog is playing with food. This is one of the reasons behind ‘why does my dog play with his food’.

He is just trying to attract your attention, and he wants you to play with him to get out of his boredom. Apart from that, your dog’s nature may be playful, and he plays with his food just for entertainment.

If you have good observation skills and observe your dog keenly for a long period, you will understand his behavior.

Your dog may love to stay fit and healthy. So, he plays with his food for some exercise. Moreover, your dog may be extremely happy to see his favorite food in front of him. So, he plays with his food for fun to show his happiness and excitement.

Dogs usually have high energy. They play with the food to burn some of their energy. After playing with the food, they start eating and are very protective of their food.

You may find some strange behavior in your dog. He may roll in his food without eating it because he doesn’t want to share it with others.

Why Does My Dog Play With His Food

Why does my dog play with his food? Aren’t you happy with your dog’s behavior? Well, you can try to change them if you want. We are sharing with you how you can change the behavior of your dog below:


You can provide your dog with regular training and exercise those suggested by Camelot Dog Training Connecticut. It will keep your dog fit and healthy. He will get a chance to burn out his high energy. You will find that your dog is focusing on eating his food completely without playing much.

If you have a pet dog, you should manage some of your precious time. It is very necessary to give some time to your dog daily. He needs your love and attention. You have to play with your dog and walk around with him.

He will not feel lonely and get physical training as well. You will notice that your dog is getting entertained, and the strange behavior of your dog has been reduced. He will concentrate on the food and eat it without playing in his food time.

Suppose you don’t give time to your dog. He gets extremely bored, which may subsequently affect your dog’s health. So, if you don’t have time to play with your dog, then you must leave him to play alone.

Encourage behavior

It would help if you encouraged your dog’s behavior. A dog who is playing now and then is healthy and happy. You should feel proud of your dog. But it must not play during eating time. You have to look after that and control the behavior.

Why does my dog push his food with his nose

Are you wondering, ‘why does my dog push his food with his nose’? Well, you don’t have to worry much; we are sharing with you some of the important reasons behind your dog’s food push with his nose. The reasons are as follows:


Dogs are curious by nature. If you find your dog pushing his food with nose, it may be curious about the food and try to smell it before eating.

Your dog will understand what you have served him for eating in detail by smelling it. His smelling sensation is extremely good and complex.

It is difficult for you to change your dog’s diet at once. It would help if you changed food habits gradually.

Better you can first test your dog with a small amount of food. If he likes it, you can continue giving it in proper amounts.


Dogs have a strong connection to humans. Your dog may push his food with his nose to get your attention.

You may be very busy with your daily work throughout the day and don’t have time to pay him attention. So, pushing the food with his nose is your dog’s trick. It would help if you noticed it, as that is all that he wants.


Your dog may push his food with his nose to save for later. Your dog may eat some amount of the food and save the rest for later.

If you observe your dog, you may find your dog will come back again after some time to finish the remaining food.

No will to eat

Your dog may not feel like eating anything so, it pushes the food with his nose. It can have a loss of appetite. Do you wonder about the reasons behind your dog’s loss of appetite? Well, we are sharing with you the reasons.

Loss of appetite in dogs

There can be several reasons behind your dog’s loss of appetite. It can be nausea, overfeeding, stomach problems, traveling effects, eye problems, illnesses, dental issues, and current vaccinations.


Your dog may feel bored, and therefore it pushes the food with his nose. Lacking any physical activity makes your dog do this type of strange behavior.

Picky eater

Your dog may be very choosy. He may be pushing the food with his nose to select the food which he likes. He has picky behavior and wants to separate his favorite food from the entire food.

Wants your food

Your dog may desire to have the food you are eating in front of him. So, he may push his food with his nose to show you his dislike and bark at you.

Moving the food

Your dog may have become bored of having the meal at the same place every day, and he wants to change the place to get a new environment. Your dog may push the food with his nose to change the location and take it to their favorite place in your house.

Food bowls problem

You may be serving your dog in the wrong sized and shaped bowl. The dog is finding it difficult to eat from your bowl. So, he is pushing with his nose to make you understand.

Breed-specific quality

All dogs’ behavior varies from each other depending on their breeds. Your dog’s pushing the food with its nose; this behavior may be due to the specific breed it belongs to.

Why do dogs bring their food to the carpet

Have you found the dog eating on your carpet? Well, your dog may like the warm carpet. However, there can be several other reasons behind your dog’s eating the food on your carpet. They are as follows:


It may be the nature of your dog to eat his food in a warm place peacefully, lonely, away from other animals.

The nature of the dog depends on its history and breed. You can train your dog the way you want. With experience, your dog may behave that way.

Dislikes the bowl

Your dog may dislike the bowl, so he is carrying the food to your carpet. Your bowl may create problems for your dog is eating. Therefore, your dog may search for a better place to eat.But the solution is simple – a slow feeder dog bowl. These innovative mats provide a fun and engaging way for your dog to eat, while also mimicking their natural instinct to forage for food. Here are some tips on using snuffle mats to keep your dog happy and entertained.

Eat alone

Your dog may like to eat the food alone and protect it from the other pet animals present in your house. If you have more pets at your home, then serve them the food separately. This will reduce your dog’s chance of carrying the food to another location.


Your dog may feel lonely and want to stay near you. So, he can carry the food to your carpet to get a companion. He wants to attract your attention to spend more time with him.

How to stop dog from playing with food?

Do you want to find out ways to stop your dog’s carrying food to your carpet? Well, we are sharing with you some of the ways to stop your dog’s strange behavior and keep the carpet of your house clean. The ways are as follows:

Do nothing

It is in the nature of the dog to carry the food to a different place. If you are not having problems with your dog’s behavior, then do nothing and leave your dog to do whatever he wants. It is possible if you don’t have any issue to clean the dirty carpet often.

Shut the door

After providing a meal to your dog, you can shut the door of that room and keep your dog in a particular place of your house. So, it remains in that place and cannot come to the carpet area.


Rewarding your pet dog is one important way to prevent him from carrying the food to your carpet. You can give your dog some special treat which will encourage them to behave in the way you want.

My dog takes food out of bowl

Your dog is part of your family. He is funny, lovable, sweet, clever and your best friend. But some of the peculiar behavior of your pet dog can worry you.

You may find your dog taking food out of the bowl. You have to keep patience and train the dog properly if you want to stop this behavior.

So, eating inside the bowl becomes your dog’s habit. There are various reasons why a dog takes food out of the bowl. They are as follows:

  • You may be giving the food in the metal bowls. Your dog may not like the metal bowls. Moreover, he may dislike the noise the metal bowl creates. Therefore, he is taking the food out of the bowl.
  • Your dog wants to eat with your family. He wants to show some social relation. So, he takes the food out from the bowl and brings it close to you. He wants to always stay together with your family.
  • Your dog can take out the food from the bowl and carry it to your living room. In this case, he may be feeling lonely or want to protect his food from the other pet animals in your house.
  • Your dog takes out the food from the bowl because he wants to eat it in a secure or safe place. A perfect place that comforts him. He will find a suitable place inside your house for his meal.
  • The mentality of your dog is one of the reasons. Your dog is taking out the food from the bowl instead of eating it there, maybe due to the pack mentality. Some behavior in your dog is instinct, and this kind of behavior is one of them.

Why Does My Dog Play With His Food

Final thoughts

Sometimes, your pet dog’s weird behavior may worry you. A lot of questions may arise in your mind out of worry. You need to understand your dog’s behavior.

You should know the solution to this strange behavior. Follow our reasons and ways of solutions for your dog’s weird behavior.

Our reasons and solutions for your pet dog’s absurd behavior will help you understand your dog better. Therefore, follow every point to get the benefits carefully.

If you have a pet dog, you must understand him and be aware of his behavior. You have to be a great observer to understand better. This article has provided all the information about ‘why does my dog play with his food’. Hopefully, our information helps you rectify this problem.


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